What Was Behind The Death of AB640 Really – Reader Mail

I got this email from an interested observer who has clients in broadband, tech and telemedicine.  At the end is a common sense suggestion that shows how clueless the  industry is about these matters, he is absolutely right  we are not doing anything to help ourselves.  If the industry is as big of an economic force in the San fernando Valley that we claim we are we should be using that to our advantage.

A few interesting rumors yesterday in the aftermath of the AB 640’s slow death.  A friend in the Capitol told me what was really behind the demise of 640 was a deal Assemblymember Mike Gatto made with Assemblymember Steve Bradford back in late Spring (another friend said she has also heard this rumor).  Bradford and Isadore Hall will both be running for the same State Senate seat when current Senator Rod Wright departs.  Bradford and Hall now represent neighboring Assembly districts.  And both have a good shot to be the next Senator.

Hall clearly thought this condom bill would be a high-profile victory that he could tout in the Senate race.  Bradford wanting to deny Hall that opportunity went to Gatto and made a deal– you kill Hall’s condom bill and I’ll support one of your (Gatto’s) bills.  I need to go back though the bills to try and verify if this might be true but it’s certainly plausible.  Bills get killed all the time here to keep someone from looking good.  While people push their legislation hard, Job 1 here is promoting yourself and hammering your competitors.

Same guy told me Hall was pushing the Speaker all day Thursday to allow a vote on 640.  Gatto and Bradford were pushing just as hard to keep 640 off the floor.  In the end, the Speaker who is closer to Bradford than Hall, let the bill die.  The bill will be back in January but so will Gatto and Bradford.

On another subject, I’m disappointed in the adult performers group.  There is a special election coming up later this month to fill Bob Blumenfield’s Assembly seat (Blumenfield is now an LA Councilmember).  This district (AD 45) includes the heart of the San Fernando Valley.  Whomever wins this special election, is the defacto rep of the adult industry in Sacramento.  I suggested the adult performers call in the candidates and ask them as series of questions about their attitudes toward condoms and other issues important to the adult industry.  It would be a good opportunity to educate the next assemblymember on important industry issues, build understanding, get candidates “on the record” and develop a potential ally.  I suggested they even endorse a candidate to ensure an ally.  It’s done all the time.  The response?  Nothing.  Crickets.  The industry needs to listen to SOMEBODY.  Continuing to do nothing– ain’t an option.  This was a no-brainer.

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What Was Behind The Death of AB640 Really – Reader Mail

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  1. If the porn industry wants to back a particular candidate the best thing they could do would be to keep their mouths shut, or, tell everyone you support the person running against your guy. No politician running for office wants to be known as the porn industry candidate.

  2. Rob Black was talking about running against Mike Gatto in the next election. Of course that is just Rob blowind hot air, but the very idea is pretty hysterical. I can see Mike Gatto right now shaking in his boots at the thought of Rob,I havent two nickels to rub together,Black running against him. Dilusions of grandure.

  3. Rob Black. US senator. sure? Ex-felons running for a political office and a officer of a Union. You guys are smoking some bad “shit”
    up there in L.A.

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