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Loved your post. Couldn’t agree more. But let me try.

First, a listing of Tyler’s [Faith] grub at my BBQ this past weekend. Hamburger, Steak, Chicken, corn, salad and lemonade. My menu included much of the same only with a few hot dogs and a-lotta-more steak! In other words…we get and agree with the food chain and basic life hide needs.

That said, not speaking for others who made public statements but moreso for me and Tyler…what really pissed us off wasn’t so much the hunting and killing of an animal. We can accept the fact that hunting exists for necessity AND for sport and while the thought of it bothers us, we aren’t going to have a Million Buffalo March over it at the White House. What really got our goat (if I may use that term) is the fact that these girls were laughing about it and bragging about fucking with their kills on film. They were bragging and laughing about pissing on the animals and when pointed out that their comments were controversial, made light of it saying, “who gives a shit, I come from an area that hunting runs in our blood.” That’s cool, but hunting and fucking while relieving bladders on the carcasses is a little extreme in our opinion.

I don’t know enough about PETA to be PRO or CON the organization. I’m sure many stars use their name as a way of over dramatizing and getting attention. I bet half the stars that cry that their going to go to PETA about something don’t even know the website address or a contact phone number. Regardless, I’m sure there’s plusses to having someone look out for defenseless creatures, even if they may have their own political agenda at times.

It’s obviously affecting a lot of people. Genesis Magazine just pulled Daisy Duxxx from their Beaver Hunt contest and press released it.

Bottom line, me and Tyler were moreso shocked then anything else. Hey, I was pretty thankful the subject matter changed so drastically, sometimes there can be only so many jokes I can come up with when a girl talks about her first scene with Ed Powers. (No disrespect Ed, all in fun)


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