Wankus fron KSEXRADIO.com Sends Me this one:

Looks like Pam’s relative to me.


OMG…seperated at birth LOL

BTW Wankus I listened to Chloe’s show on KSEXRadio last night and I gotta say she does a great show…she is a keeper!


Before I Move On Heres A Few Tidbits:

Over on adultfyi Harry Weiss has accussed John Finberg of going to Thailand in order to score under age hookers, Finberg being quite upset has challenged Harry to a 20,000 dollar purse (10K each) boxing match.

Think about that

Finberg……Weiss….20 THOUSAND dollars

That’s the fight of the Century, 2 jews fighting for 20 K? Thats a fight to the death!

Soon as Vegas sets a line I will let y’all know what it is.

Heard on the Show Floor:

“I dont think the boy is going to make it another month. I mean I love him to death, and he’s just a good ol’ country boy, but the sex.. he’s just so BAD at it. I’ve tried to teach him but he just doesnt get it….. “

No I ain’t telling who said it.

Seems Tawny Roberts and Savanah Samson got into fisticuffs, all because Savanah is banging Tawny’s boyfriend/ex boyfriend (Eric Roberts I think)

By now you all know that Gia Paloma OD’d on cocaine.

Tony Writes:

Damn South, tell me you didn’t shoot that Jayna you have pictures of. She is hideous, I have seen prettier faces on a bottle of rat poison. She looks like Pamela Peaks, a complete train wreck.

Well Tony I wouldn’t be as harsh as you about it but no We didn’t shoot her at all. There are several reasons why not the first being she isn’t terribly photogenic as you noticed, the second being she didn’t seem to be doing it for the right reasons and she is lets just say not mensa material, so I personally said forget it lets just have some fun and kick back here at the house and that was the end of it. She seemed embarrassed because she locked herself in her room and wouldn’t come out even though we all invited her to. I knew then that I had made the right decision.

On closer examination it would have been a foolish thing to do as my lawyer pointed out when he and I met yesterday. For one she isn’t an American Citizen and she doesn’t have a green card, so an ID and a photo release stating what she was paid would be prima facia evidence in a case against me for hiring illegal immigrants, for another her ticket was paid for by someone other than herself (Ra Media) which potentially runs afoul of The Mann Act and finally she wasn’t tested, which wasn’t a huge deal because it was going to be a condom scene anyhow, but stuff happens for a reason and it turns out it is good we didn’t shoot her.

I understand that she got upset and decided she didn’t want to stay in Las Vegas so the Ra Media guys took her to the airport and she left on Saturday. Which is where the next piece will begin.

Momma Belladonna:

She had a baby yesterday at 4:05 PM, Myla D. Kelly 6 lbs 7 ounces. Now before Kernes or anyone else goes off about the name thing..its on Belladonna’s site so save it. Congrats to her from everyone at mikesouth.com.

Todays Nuze:

Topping the list is that Carly Milne has departed her position as publicist for Pure Play. Damn…just as I was giving her kudos for the bomb ass party she pulled off. Word is she may do the independent PR thing. Carly has come a long way….I’d certainly recommend her.


14230cookie-checkWankus fron KSEXRADIO.com Sends Me this one:

Wankus fron KSEXRADIO.com Sends Me this one:

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