Urban X Awards Names Host Who Refuses To Do IR!

Did you see the article on avn today? “Organizers for the 2019 Urban X Awards have announced the hosts for tis year’s ceremony: Nina Elle and Gia Milana. These two ladies really exemplify the Urban X Awards today and we are very happy to have them as our hosts,” said event producer Gianna Taylor.

How the fuck is a girl who refuses to do IR and is half black but denies it saying she’s a Latina instead hosting an award show for black performers?

Look at her scenes,  Shay Evans or Gia Milana, whatever name she wants to go by now has never done IR.

That’s fucking funny shit right there.

We looked into the allegations that Shay Evans aka Gia Milana hasn’t done any IR and found a scene where she was credited as doing IR from MOFOs from their website EbonySexTapes.com. But turns out her scene performer was white. The only black person in the scene was her.

So who knows, maybe now she’s embracing her black heritage.

I will admit though this is a strange move for the Urban X Awards who in the past has always been proud that they supported only performers who were not anti-interracial like she has been during her entire career.



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Urban X Awards Names Host Who Refuses To Do IR!

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14 Responses

  1. I guess technically Gia is doing interracial when she fucks about 85% of porn performers. She is black as the Ace of Spades and most other performers are Caucasian, Latino or American Indian. Most of her partners also get extra money to fuck her, maybe that will make for a happier “partner of the day”.

  2. This is just more proof how jinky this “awards show” is. Gia being a host is joke and further diminishes “the value” of this show. Maybe her PR Rising Star has a comment on this?

  3. I thought this was about black performers? why are the hosts non-black/non dark skin? this makes no sense.

  4. The Awards show is not about black performers. Its funny how others attempt to define what the format of the show is, We are a show tat is inclusive of all performers and are open to all to participate in the process. Spreading false info is not a welcome thing to do Feel free to reach out to our publicist James Bartholet for accurate information or to do an interview with the organizers to feature on your blog

  5. @AlexanderDevoe there is no “false information”. You are the ones who released that Shay Evans is the co-host of your show. We have checked and double checked and was not able to find a single IR scene she has been in. We spoke with a few companies she has booked with in the past and they said they’ve tried to book her for IR but her agent told them each time that she didn’t do IR. So what part of this story is not accurate? You hired a host of your show who refuses to bang black guys.

  6. Since James Bartholet is your publicist your show should be a blast, then, Alexander! I personally don’t know if the rumors of him being an addict and a more than a mild grade lecher are true (I tend to believe not considering he works in mainstream entertainment and seems to be paying his bills) but it is known that he can put on one hell of a party!

  7. I could give two shits whether someone has sex with a black male or not. Who cares? You chose to create a story where non exists. We don’t select hosts based on something as stupid as whether or not they have sex with a black male. We rise above all that BS, and by the way this archaic concept of IR is just plain stupid, especially since there are no different “RACES” of people. Do a little research and educate yourself on what the mission of The Urban X Awards is. We have been INCLUSIVE since inception and will continue to be different from all the other shows. AS we have set the standard of UNITY, the others have adapted and changed to be more inclusive of people of color in the industry.

  8. Alexander, I am glad you are enlightened and realize that it is stupid to pigeonhole someone based on whether she has IR sex or not. I think the confusion is based on “urban” meaning black in mainstream. People have the right to decide for themselves who they have sex with whether that is with Blacks, Asians, Indians, Caucasians, Samoans, etc. Let’s get over trying to cajole people into fucking someone or some race that he/she doesn’t want to fuck.

    As for your upcoming awards show, since you have James Bartholet on board already, put him to use planning your party. He has lots of experience with that working for Dames and Games several times each month putting together cage fights and the new iteration of Porn Star Karaoke. I hear his parties are lots of fun and everyone usually goes away happy. Good luck and may your awards show go over very well. Also, may everyone have a great time and maybe get laid after the show!

  9. @mharris127
    The definition of URBAN is not “BLACK”
    Although the media would lead you to believe such. Urban is defined as: belonging to, or relating to, a town or city.

    Since The Urban X Awards takes place in Los Angeles CA, the title wa selected to reflect LA as the ultimate city to be home to UXA

    There are hundreds of thousands of examples where the word Urban does not connote to mean “black”
    Would you say Urban Outfitters is a so called “BLACK” clothing line

    How about URBAN HOME furniture store?

    Is this furniture for “black” people

    I dont have conversations about what color someones skin is. This business is already way too segregated and divided as it is

    What difference does it make what color someones skin is

    We have totally dropped listing movies or catories by ethnic markers

    Black or white is irrelevant

    The point of this post by mike south was to stir the pot

    However what i will do as someone who has a vested interest in correcting fallacies is address it publicly when it is absolutely necessary.

  10. There are two definitions for “urban” The word as reference to hip hop music, mainstream movies or porn is synonymous to “black culture”. I am also on your side here, who the fuck cares if someone will fuck a black person on set or not. Hell, Nina Elle is definitely not black and you have her co-hosting your award show, that makes your position plainly clear IMO! Mark Spiegler even agrees with me on the second point and he would be the last person you would expect to share that sentiment as he could be making more money if he went along and charged more for his clients to fuck a black guy. I hope the whole industry grows the fuck up and gets off (figuratively) raping producers when they want a cute white chick to fuck a black guy with a 12 inch dick. I don’t even get the fucking fetish myself. People do have the choice to fuck whatever race they like, though — whether it be in porn or when picking up a chick/guy in the bar on a Saturday night after 15 Long Island Ice Teas.

  11. Yo DeVoe shut your punk ass up you bitch ass nigga. Are used to support the urban X awards a few years ago but now the award show is changed . Now you’re putting women that doesn’t do interracial scenes (black men) in your nominations. Some of these women are racist and talk about shit about black men. Your award show is a fucking joke you fucking punk. BTW IR is BM/WF. Fuck You and Fuck Urban Ghetto Award

  12. even beside the fact of her not doing IR, she hasn’t done anything notable to earn the title to host a whole awards show? don’t think that changing ones stage name to try and weasel out of an agency contract gets any brownie points…

  13. Femme, I can concur that changing your stage (or even your legal) name does not get someone out of an agency contract. Anyone thinking otherwise needs her head examined by a psychiatrist and two internists then prescribed and injected with Haldol or Thorazine!

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