Top Ten List of Guys Who WON’T Be In Janines First Boy/Girl: (Credit the idea to Green Lantern)

10. Dick Tracy, He is shooting for Falcon that day.

9. Ed Powers, Thank God

8. Peter North, Janine ain’t about to face down that load, or any load for that matter

7. Tim Case, Fifi won’t let him

6. Nick Manning, Janine won’t work with a guy prettier than she is, besides he is on the set with Dick Tracy that day

5. Dave Pounder, She wants a guy with solid wood

4. Jessie James, Been there done that

3. Jeremy Steele, She already had a real rock star

2. Dave Cummings, He is almost as old as she is

1. Mike South, Jesse Jane won’t let him, neither will Adella, Sam or Trixie Kelly

Bob Checks In:

Mike: So when is Janine gonna do boy/girl and for whom? I can’t find the info anywhere (but on Mike South, of course)!

And you’re right: does anyone care? Sort of like the Tera comeback — like when is that gonna happen?

I read the Rob Black story on AVN via your link. At this point, doesn’t he sound like the kid who killed his parents and asked for mercy because he’s an orphan? He brings heat on the industry, then says, “look, y’all. If you don’t fork over money to help my defense, you’re next.”


Hey maybe I know cuz I’m the guy….LOL NOT! …Tera who?

Janine Gonna Do Boy/Girl If Anyone Cares:

No word on who the guy is but I will bet dollars to doughnuts it ain’t Lexington Steele, Prolly Julian, which is funny because how will you see either performer for all the ink?


Did a friend or callegue tell you that I slandered you at some point but now you can’t find it? Want to grab a quote from my website? Remember a top ten list that had you in tears but now ya cant find it. want to find every mention ever of Adella? AIM? FSC?

Soon you will be able to search

The LastWord On August:

Hey Mike,


I just read all the stuff on August. She is one of my best friends so let me clear up the rumors. First off she doesn’t have Aids or HIV, in fact she just shot for Jill Kelly Productions this past Sunday. Yes she does make the LA party rounds but so does every 21 year old porn star. She was never pregnant but did take some time off due to her being involved with a really nice guy. She shot a movie called “August All Year Round” and is currently looking for distribution. Although she does hang with Scott Fayner she is not sexually or romantically involved with him. She did host a party Tuesday night here in LA, which is a weekly event and many different adult starlets have hosted the event in the past. August is like my kid sister so I just wanted to clear up the rumors. Thanks man.



Travis Nestor

Zero Tolerance Entertainment

Well I reckon that answers all of Dale’s questions. We weren’t slamming August or anything just kind of a WEHT (Thats What Ever Happened To) Glad to hear she is doing well.

Anthony Disagrees:

I read your article about Rob Black and I have to disagree . If the industry lets him swing the only thing it will do, is give the Justice Department forward motion. No one gave a shit when Rob was producing these films and in fact encouraged him by giving him a AVN award for best Director for Miscreants which included the pseudo rape of a wheelchair-bound gimp . When his award was announced was he booed off the stage? Did Larry who is self righteous now, pull all advertising from AVN for giving him this award or did others in the industry react by pulling advertising? I doubt it. They helped make this mess now its time to clean it up or the shit will really hit the fan.

Your point is made but at the time Hustler did not advertise in AVN at all, it would be taers later before LFP starts a video arm. But your point is well taken. What we have here, to borrow a term from the Viet Nam era is a Quagmire. Now that we are stuck with this mess it does more damage to pull out than it does to stay, matter of fact that applies to quite a few things these days. If Rob was friend to this biz that he tries to paint himself he would get in the back of the truck and shut the fuck up, as we say down here but as long as the know it alls at AVN give him a forum he will continue to bring the rest of us down with him.

Rob Black Asks Hustler for Money:

Larry Flynt says Rob has not matched responsibility to his First Amendment protection. I encourage you to read this story then come back:

Here’s the link

As usual AVN gives Rob the the poor freedom fighter who is fighting for us all treatment. But Flynts rebuttals are dead on the money. Bill Margold has been chastised for saying that if the government left us alone we would “destroy ourselves”, yet is Rob Black not a perfect example of that?

In a way it reminds me of how AVN and others in porn treat child pornographers. When a kiddie porn story comes up AVN can’t resist reporting on it and sometimes it seems that the reporting is sympathetic. It seems to me that we in porn shouldn’t even give this shit recognition, and that’s how I feel about Rob Black and his case. Frankly I think he should be in jail for any number of reasons, none of which relate at all to obscenity.

Rob drug us into this mess and now we just follow? Is that about it? I say let Rob pay his own legal bills, of course he won’t, he doesn’t pay anyone else and as usual we will be left holding the bag while Rob plays AVN Like the Pied Piper played his pipes, leading the children to slaughter…..




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Top Ten List of Guys Who WON’T Be In Janines First Boy/Girl: (Credit the idea to Green Lantern)

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