The Moratorium Will Be Lifted Late Next Week – Reader Mail

This is from a porn insider:

These are facts, not speculation.

Everyone performer #3 worked with has tested negative, and it has been over a month since she worked with anyone in the adult industry. If any of them had HIV it would have shown up now.

Yes, there are only 3 performers who tested positive. Cameron Bay, her boyfriend Rod Daily, and this performer who is their close friend.

None of three performers who tested positive every worked with each other on camera. Since no one they worked on camera tested positive one can deduce that all three contracted it off camera.

Performer # 3 has chosen, as her is right, to no longer help FSC with their investigation, so no one will ever know if her strain of HIV is the same strain as that of Cameron and Rod.

All adult industry performers will be asked to go get new tests next week, as long as there are no new positive tests production will resume late next week.

83280cookie-checkThe Moratorium Will Be Lifted Late Next Week – Reader Mail

The Moratorium Will Be Lifted Late Next Week – Reader Mail

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  1. I’m sorry – but how dumb can people be?

    This statement above in the post is ridiculous: “None of three performers who tested positive every worked with each other on camera. Since no one they worked on camera tested positive one can deduce that all three contracted it off camera.” Seriously?

    No logic there – only the total lack of logic!

    C’mon now – just saying they didn’t work together means ONLY says they didn’t work together. Saying that that they contracted it off camera MAKES ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE! It says is they didn’t contract anything from one another – it does NOT say they didn’t get it on-camera FROM SOMEONE ELSE!

    Talk about flawed reasoning!

    Dumb, dumb, dumb!

  2. The more I read, it seems like San Francisco is a giant petri dish for STDs…. Seem like all roads lead back to kink.

  3. Seems risky. It is possible someone is working with a low viral load and passing tests. Or could it be a director or company owner who’s getting some on the side and passing it along, and never has to take a HIV test? Did HIV just miracle its way into all three of these people? Did Rod infect both girls? Who infected Rod? Where is the source of infection? All questions that should probably be figured out before everyone gets back to causing assholes to bleed again. Buuuuuuut….

  4. At some point you start thinking “Oh, fuck it.” If the porn industry doesn’t get it or refuses to acknowledge it then this debate is fucking pointless. ..
    Let them continue the same routine, hope they don’t contract HIV and continue to repeat the “Our testing system works” bullshit.
    But, then you start considering the performers who would rather wear condoms. Of course, there are the condom optional companies, but let’s be honest here I would say a majority of the time if a performer requests a condom to be used to company would just hire another girl who is willing to shoot without condoms.
    It’s not really a condom optional policy as much as it’s a “We have condoms available for you to use, but if you request one we will find another girl for this scene and we will never hire you again.”
    Honestly, I can’t fault the production companies on this one. If the public wants condom free porn then they will hire performers who don’t require condoms.
    The performers who would rather use condoms just won’t get work. Seems pretty fair from a business perspective, but where does that leave performers? You either do bareback porn or you don’t work. Which makes the condom optional rule bullshit.

    So, the entire porn pool will soon be back at work with their 30 day old testing piece of paper bullshit and putting their bodies and health on the line for a few dollars. I genuinely hope they think long and hard about that decision because it could cost them a huge amount of money, their health or even their life. What a shitty situation to be in….

  5. I’m not really that familiar with the acquiring of hiv, but was always under the impression that after exposure it could potentially not show up on a test for many months afterwards. True/False?

    Do you guys and or girls honestly think Corvus and others are out of the woods yet?

  6. False. The industry uses a test that shows within a couple weeks. I would assume like most medical science they have developed new tests that show quicker results. Also, I get being concerned, but why are the statements in this post so hard for some to believe? We know Cameron and Rod had sexual contact with each other. We know #3 was their friend. Why would it be so unlikely that these were cases of off-set contractions? If there on screen partners tested negative, I don’t understand why this would be so unlikely. As in Rod or Cameron has sex off camera with another person and contracts HIV. They then have sex together and it passes from one to the other. Performer #3 is a bit of a variable, but we know she was friends with them. Sexual contact between her and one or both of them is not totally unlikely. This scenerio would make the points in the post seem pretty accurate.

  7. The test the industry uses can be cheated. It is a cheap test. Let’s say Rod tested positive and got on anti-viral meds. He could be spewing HIV and no one would know.

    We don’t know where it came from. Therefore, why go back to shooting? Just because we are clueless as to where it came from? That makes sense.

    How many tested positive from this that found out from a personal doctor and lied about who they fucked and never revealed the results?

    There are too many variables that we don’t know at this point. Therefore, shooting isn’t a good idea until at least mid October and even then there could be infections we don’t know of.

  8. Look at it his way:
    Let’s speculate that it was Rod who contracted it, slept with Cameron and gave it to her, Sophia shared a needle with Cameron, and Sophia shared needles the next day with her friend. Let’s make it the same needle for the sake of argument. Adds more variables. Her friend that we know nothing about slept with two performers since since they obviously hang out with those involved in the industry and infected both of them.

    All first and second generations accounted for? What about the ones you don’t know that could be working and won’t show up until next month?

  9. I am having trouble unwinding your scenario at all, but if you personally believe that the industry HIV test is cheap and easily cheated then you could never be satisfied with an amount of time spent not shooting. They keep a record of who has done scenes with them. All of them have tested neg. , but you don’t trust the test so that doesn’t matter. If you are saying figure out who they had sex with off camera, no industry could accomplish that request. Still don’t totally understand why the statements in the post seem untrue, but I get that you are skeptical.

  10. “We don’t know where it came from”. Yes, this is true. If you are holding the industry responsible for playing detective for off camera activities then you will be disappointed. Few industries could deliver that. Hopefully Rod and Cameron have been helpful and told the industry what they suspect is the cause. If it wasn’t a performer we won’t hear about the source and have no right to know. Every performer will be re-tested before shooting. If those come up negative. They will start shooting soon after. What more as far as testing and tracing this spread should they do in your opinion?

  11. I’ve seen several performers say they won’t shoot in september regardless of the moratorium being lifted so at least some people have some sense

  12. I don’t think this is a bad idea, but can I ask what that extra week will do? As far as safety I can’t see that the tests they use would present differently after that extra week. Seems like a fine decision though.

  13. What happened to performer number four who contracted HIV??
    since Rod Daily said he never even met Sofia..Who infected her then?? And is this person still infecting other people?? Where the hell did Sofia go??

  14. The we don’t know what started the chain is the key here. For the heck of it, let’s say that either Rod or Cameron first contracted HIV and passed it to the other and that one of them passed it to Sophia, in some manner off set.

    That allows the industry to say, there wasn’t an onset transmission between Rod, Cameron or Sophia. But, the chain events started with a fourth person. In the words of the philosopher Xander Corvus, a bird didn’t just drop it.

    If Rod gave it to Sophia via anal, or Cameron and Sophia shared a needle (not implying anything; I have no idea whether these individuals were drug users or not), that’s one thing. But, if Cameron exposed Sophia via girl-girl, that’s something else entirely since its assumed that oral sex and girl-girl are safe.

    These are important questions to ask in order to keep the industry safe in the future, with or without condoms.

  15. If rod and Cameron were friends with performer number three then why did rod tweet ” never in my life have I ever even shared space with or met Delgado”??? There is something wrong with this story.

  16. The only plausible explanation for Cameron, Rod and their close friend contracting HIV about the same time is a drug binge where they shared HIV contaminated needles. There’s really no other explanation all things considered.

  17. “What more as far as testing and tracing this spread should they do in your opinion?”

    Change the test to the better one and not the drug store one, use condoms, drug test, and don’t hire escorts. Testing the girl after they’ve been with an unknown to see if he had anything makes no sense.

    If the test just checks for viral load then I can take meds to lower the viral load and come up negative.

  18. @Cpan,
    I think you may be putting too much stock in what rob black says. the test the industry uses is NOT a viral load test, it is a QUALITATIVE, not Quantitiate test, and it is NOT a drug store test. You CANNOT get t his test at a pharmacy.

    This is another PERFECT example of someone who knows nothing about the subject they’re talking about, but you just repeat it over and over again, then others begin to repeat it, and it takes on a life of its own. I am referring to Rob Black here. What he knows about medical testing procedures could fit on the head of a pin, and still leave room for the entire text of War And Peace.

    And whenever you take an HIV test you must sign a specific “Consent to test for HIV”, which includes the question, “have you ever tested positive for HIV or been diagnosed as a carrier of the HIV virus.”

    To try to put fear into the industry Rob has started this “cheat the test” bullshit. Doesn anyone really think that someone is going to try to cheat the test in order to infect porn stars? But just keep repeating it over and over again and soon enough the uninformed start to follow along.

  19. ” Doesn anyone really think that someone is going to try to cheat the test in order to infect porn stars? But just keep repeating it over and over again and soon enough the uninformed start to follow along.”

    Well, the option is there. Someone can do it. Why leave yourself open? Let’s say one person does. It isn’t worth not guarding yourself when lives are in question.

    “have you ever tested positive for HIV or been diagnosed as a carrier of the HIV virus.”

    What is stopping someone from writing “no” when they have? Fear mongering and thinking of all of the scenarios is fine in my opinion when dealing with deadly diseases.

    Assuming that this was an off-set transmission isn’t a good idea especially when the origin cannot be determined.

  20. @jilted – I have a feeling this is a much different scenario, but isn’t that what Mr. Marcus did?
    Or, I guess you couldn’t really hide HIV since it needs to be reported.
    If someone is willing to infect others with syphilis then HIV wouldn’t be considered that hard of a stretch, would it?

  21. Syphilis is repoted to county health too. Its just that the county had no idea that Jesse Spencer was an adult indutry actor when they got that report, and he never told his private physician that he was in porn.

    Marcus NEVER worked while he knew he had syphilis. He just didnt recognize the symptoms. Once he tested and got the diagnosis he ut was treated, waited the prescribed amount of time and then retested, But that retest showed positive on the initial screen, as it always does once you’ve been infected. It was this result that he doctored. He NEVER knowingly exposed anyone.

    This is another perfect example of misinformation being repeated so many times that is just becomes an urbal legend truth.
    This type of speculation adds nothing of substance to the debate, and only serves those who use misinformation to scare and intimidate people. The FACT that the industry test is not a viral load test only shows that they are using this misinformation for personal gain. People like Rob Black will rarely let the facts get in the way of a good story.

  22. @jilted
    I never once assumed that he knew aside from doctoring his tests to show that he was in the clear even though he “technically” was. Rob makes it seem like it was a malicious attack on the industry, but it was only people being stupid and then those they are affiliated with being even dumber.

    Knowingly or not he did infect people. The point now is to focus on how this can be prevented. What would you say is a good way?

    The only reason I side with Rob on a lot is because he is the only one doing something to the extent of what needs to be done. He is hardcore on condoms and testing, but feels escorting acceptable and that is something I find bothersome. Even a high class john could be danger. Magic Johnson and Easy E liked sex. What if they would have hired porn girls? Just because a lot of the girls do it doesn’t make the industry safer. It actually puts them in harm unless you do daily testing and even then it isn’t 100%.

    Do performers sign off on their ability to sue since there isn’t a 100% guarantee that they won’t catch something?

    What would be your solution jilted? Throw what Rob says away and if you had a plan to do what he is doing what would it be? You always have good responses on here and I would like to hear your point of view on the situation. Not just what needs to be done, but how to get it accomplished.

  23. Interesting convo going on Twitter.

    Charity Bangs
    “Who else isn’t surprised FSC/APHSS, who practically owns CET is RECOMMENDING 14 day test window. Hello double the business. Not I.”

    Dan Leal – Porno Dan ?
    mrwhiteacre CharityBangs Let me interject. Derek did NOT want to resume production. He told FSC to wait.
    Michael Whiteacre ?to
    PornoDan CharityBangs September 2011, I was there Dan. Shy led the charge, Derek backed her.

    Who is Michael Whiteacre? Shy Love and Derick Hey call the shots on when producers can shoot?

  24. Charity Bangs is one smart chick. I love when performers think for themselves instead of just going with usual same old bullshit.

    Let’s discect this new 14 day policy real quick:
    1. They’re getting ready to lift the moritorium, so they have to do something to make it look like they are being proactive.
    2. So, they take it from mandatory testing every 28 days to every 14 days. This will make it look like they are actually doing “something” to make the industry safer…
    3. Now, performers will be required to test every 14 days. Sounds good on paper… CET just doubled their profits. Another bonus!

    Then you have to consider the bullshit within this new 14 day requirement:
    1. If the testing system is so wonderful and there have been no on set transmissions since “supposedly” 2004, then why change the testing windows? Is something wrong with the 30 day window? Why every 14 days? Couldn’t you just make it once a week? How are these testing windows even fucking determined? Do they just pick a number out of a hat?

    So, now, instead of showing your co-stars a 27 day old test, you will be showing them a 13 day old test. What the fuck? On what fucking planet does that make sense?

    If the testing system works so well at 30 days, then why even change it to 14? Why would you need to fix something that you claim has worked miraculously since 2004?
    The real answer: To make it LOOK like they’re actually fucking doing something to help protect the performers.
    Well, at least they’ll only have to worry about those 13 untested days instead of the old 27 untested days now… Well, that was nice of them. I guess you can never be too careful, right?

  25. 13 days PLUS however many days the detection window is for each STD included in the test.

    Ohh, will that 14 day test also include Hep C? Inquiring minds…

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