The Good Old Days – Reader Mail

XXXInsider writes:

Remember how easy it was back in the good old days.  Every time HIV reared its ugly head you could  all just blame Sharon Mitchel and then give yourselves a pass as if  nobody else shared any of the responsibility.    But now Mitch is gone, and without her to blame, the industry now has to take a long hard look at itself. And there is plenty of blame to go around , as there always was, but without Mitch  everyone has to look at themselves, and see where their responsibility is in this situation.  Blame Dianne Duke,PASS(fail),the crossovers, the agents, the escorts(male
and female),the producers,  Isadore Hall, AHF, TTS, CET, but by all means, don’t blame yourself. To accept personal responsibility means to accept the truth, and the truth is the very last thing the adult porn industry has ever wanted to squarely face when it comes to health and safety.  And the lifting of an HIV quarantine after six days is all the proof you need of that.
Wouldn’t it just be so much easier if we could just blame Sharon Mitchell for all this?
Maybe you could blame the PASS Medical Advisory Board, the only problem is, nobody knows who they are.
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The Good Old Days – Reader Mail

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  1. Everyone seems to have the mentality of “get all you can get as fast as you can and get out before the bottom drops out”. No one in porn thinks about where the industry will be next year, in 5 years, or 10 years.

    The people with power in this industry think of the talent as an easily expendable and replacable commodity to be used, cast aside and you just get another new one. Sooner or later the govt. is going to legislate, fee, or tax the industry to death so I better make all the money I can right now and fuck everyone else.

    The talent does not plan for the future either. They are just living for today and fuck the future. Thats why almost none of them have any insurance or they don’t invest their money for the future when they are too old to do porn any more. Why would I need health insurance when I can use that money to buy another $5000 handbag? Why would I need to buy life insurance when I’m only 22 and I can spend that money on this cool looking tattoo I have been wanting? Why put $10000 in the bank or CDs? I would rather get a new pair of +2’s.

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