The FSC Administered PASS Is A Conspiracy To Skirt Government Regulatory Interventions

This is written by one of my regular readers and commentators and is spot on.

Conspiracy defined “a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful. “a conspiracy to destroy the government”
synonyms: plot, scheme, plan, machination, ploy, trick, ruse, subterfuge;”

Yeah I’m gonna call the FSC administered PASS in totality a conspiracy.

1. It is intended to skirt government regulatory interventions.
2. It replaces AIM which not once but twice had huge outstanding balances with their labs, on top of HIPPA violations, an unlicensed provider acting as a physician…self quoted as sewing up assholes daily.
3. It on the whole is designed for performers to pick up the tab for what the government regulations say producers are responsible for.
4. FSC charges producers a look see fee. (AIM charged 2.49 per test to look into their records per Sharon Mitchell quoted in the daily mail or guardian and elsewhere) making it a revenue stream for the FSC
5. Trade groups that offer a database for their members use do this as part of the membership fee. PASS like APHSS before it is undoubtedly set up as a subsidiary non-profit as part of a three card monte to skirt taxation on business income.
6. One of the advisors to this program is listed as the c/o for the ordering physicians on six other test documents available to the world at large (and is listed more discretely as KHS 05 above) this means the bullshit on the websites about HIPPA and privacy for these 4000 providers is equivalent to Diane Duke spouting..we care about performer safety)
A. The 4000 approved providers can be found at, stdalert, FPKservices and other names used as part of three card monte.
B. All of them offer the same services via the same providers
C. You the patient are guaranteed privacy on the web page…but give up that right when you enter your PASS ID
D. HIV results good or bad are not allowed to be emailed yet they offer this service. This isn’t about patient care…it’s about an industry trying to cover its ass.
E. Positive std results come with a physician consultation …they don’t say you have to call, only that you can consult with a doc IF your test is positive.
F. If you call the consulting doc will prescribe meds for most stds
G. So unless you call who says the doc even saw your results?
H.can go on….but will get back to this specific as proof of skirting government.

6. California patient is tested in California
Boston doc is listed as a Care of KHS 05 which is Kulbersh in SC who also acts as advisor to the FSC PASS program…hmmm
A. We assume the lab reported
B. Patient was emailed positive HIV results as an attachment
C. Patient can consult with a doc by telemedicine IF they choose as part of privacy
D. A moratorium called three days after their initial test date stops them from entering a positive result…hmmm so these FSC approved providers not allowed to enter the EXACT information the FSC says they are looking for.
E. What a fucking racket…


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The FSC Administered PASS Is A Conspiracy To Skirt Government Regulatory Interventions

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