The Freedom To Film Pornography

In keeping with the theme of helping those who are doing it themselves a long time financial supporter of this site has written a paper called “The Freedom To Film Pornography.”

Download it here

I highly recommend this paper, it is written by a first amendment attorney and no matter how you may feel about him personally the paper is spot on, and covers legal topics that would be helpful to you, like what is the difference between porn and prostitution, The history of porn ruligs and legalities in your state.

This is stuff you need to know!  Thanks to Marc

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The Freedom To Film Pornography

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2 Responses

  1. Most people today consider porn and prostitution the same thing. When porn was legalized back in the last century you could say there was a difference as there were actual movies with scripts and storylines to be learned and spoken. In essence they were movies that just happened to have sex scenes in them.

    Now that everything is just gonzo and there is no “movie” aspect to porn and its just people getting paid to fuck on camera its a thin line between porn and prostitution. Add to that the fact that “many” (if not most) porn stars also escort and you can see why the general public thinks porn = prostitution. I would not be surprised if porn star escorting was a bigger business then the porn industry (films, scenes, and DVDs).

  2. Porn and prostitution are two sides of the same proverbial coin. I think prostitution should be legalized and lightly regulated with 14-day VD testing requirements for both johns and prostitutes and a condom-optional policy where if one chooses to require a condom the job is a condom job, the “escort agency” would not be allowed to discriminate or even know whether a prostitute was condom-optional or condom-required. Street hustling should remain illegal, johns would either call a prostitute to his room or go to a “whore house” to get his rocks off with a cute, nubile 21 year old prostitute. Dennis Hof (the owner of most of the “whore houses” in Nevada) or any other person/corporation would only be allowed to own a small portion of the new “whore houses” opened due to legalization of prostitution, maybe ten per state. States, cities and counties would not be allowed to ban prostitution or not allow “whore houses” to be built but could limit the “whore houses” to non-residential neighborhoods. In-call prostitution where the prostitute comes to the john would be allowed anywhere in the country. The minimum age of entry into prostitution for both johns and prostitutes should be the age of majority in that state (between 16 and 19 in the US with most states being 18). Lastly, Michigan’s draconian fornication, prostitution, pandering and adultery laws would be consigned to the annals of history.

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