The Floppy Sword

This is from a reader…Im continuously amazed that people who write as well as my readers continue to read me…Yall are the best

Started as a Ty, went somewhere.

Over the last three months some of the most talented and capable people I’ll ever come across have revealed themselves via web pages, online forums, industry news sites and more. My venture into your community began in a quest for testing information that coincided with mainstream media coverage of sensational current events Within your sphere. During the past month This forum owner has generously allowed me to interact with his guests who shared their opinions and experiences. While alternately annoying and amusing some with policy analysis it had to become evident my opinions became biased with performers as my champions. Reactions to what I posted good, bad and ugly are appreciated and accepted in the spirit of constructive criticism.

I’m not out to fix you…you aren’t broken. Nor am I in the market for a revenue stream your efforts could offer me. With that out front …we pause because, my family is laughing at me for asking my three year old grandson “How did your sword get floppy?” Get your mind off broken dicks now!

I can’t stop laughing either…

 Upon hearing “will G.G. fix it?” With the hopeful wonder only a toddler can express, I look up to see him holding the cardboard sword so proudly colored at a Celtic festival, truly traumatized that it’s bent between the hand shaft and two foot long blade. So I asked “How did your sword get floppy?” Focused on potential ways to remedy this serious problem. When my daughter and husband simultaneously burst with laughter it isn’t long before I realize, we have another “what she said moment” which are a source of continued amusement at our house. According to the kid…G.G. Has saved the day, she has super powers ..TAPE and now that I’m a proficient floppy sword fixer have been committed to fix hubby’s not so floppy sword, with reminders of the last “floppy””what she said moment”

On a cold rainy night the cell phone rang in one of those everything that can go wrong, will moments. Harried and breathless “hello” then “hold on, my ass is all wet, the hard thing is flopping around poking me and now my wipers won’t work right” proceeding to put the phone on the car console, remove… then buckle the offending seat belt and adjust the wiper setting to monsoon further annoyed hearing muffled hysterical laughter the whole time. Now mystified by “mom, W.T.F. Mate? What hard thing is flopping to poke your wet ass and WHAT can’t you wipe?” Mind you she has a toddler in diapers necessitating wiping his ass with ‘wipes’ and has no clue that leaving the store a monsoon like rain has just soaked my butt below my jacket or that I was trying to dodge bullet like cold rain to get in the SUV, landing on the hard seatbelt receptacle as the intermittent wiper setting added to the drama splashing a deluge of rain into the SUV before the door closed. I wasn’t amused upon hearing “this is definitely ‘what she said’ I can’t wait to call Sally and Dad to tell them’ knowing “what she said” could and would be used against me when I least expected it.

Ok, family is done laughing with me now and I have no clue where this started so… I’ll leave the unfinished thought below and hope it makes some sort of sense.

You like what you do and are constantly seeking ways to make the most of your career or temporary job despite the drawbacks. You care about what you do and how you do it! No matter which facet of the industry you represent or the methods to market yourself, some of you have become brands that speak loudly about the role played in that niche. For this longtime suburban homemaker the experience has been a bit like traveling to a foreign land with snapshot reminders of a youth lost in the shuffle of new and different adventures.


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The Floppy Sword

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  1. Occasionally, you really do meet the greatest people in the most unexpected places.
    The Internet is such a fun little playground sometimes. 🙂

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