Supreme Court Upholds Alabama Ban On Sex Toys:

There are three states that have banned the sale of sex toys, Alabama, Georgia and Texas.

BT Writes:

Mike: Check out what’s going on with sex toys in Alabama (what is it with you red necks anyway?). Like Judge Lancaster, this is turning on a citizens right to privacy in the bedroom issue.

Privacy is where the action is right now. And that’s why the Supreme Court is eventually going to hear one of these cases. The question of whether privacy is a right found in the Constitution is one of the most controversial between libertarians and conservatives. Current judges like Souter, Kennedy, and Ginsburg believe it is. Scalia, Rhenquist, and Thomas believe it isn’t. Then you got your swing voters.

Well BT I am guessing that the legislators in Alabama, Georgia and Texas feel that dildos are a threat to either their manhood or somehow maybe a dildo would make a better legislator….But I agree whole heartedly on the privacy thing. A ruling that a right to privacy exists in the constitution could have very profound changes across the board. Maybe it is time to make the right to privacy guaranteed by the constituion, fuck the marraige amendment, the right to privacy amendment would be one I thik I could support.

FreddyFingers Writes:

I figured I’d help you get a death threat from Kurt lockwood.

Top 10 Reasons Kurt Lockwood will go on a shooting rampage then turn the gun on himself:

10. Too many people ask him why he has a tattoo of an arrow pointing to his ass
9. Tyler Faith dumped him for KSEX’s Wankus
8. He didn’t get top billing at Jason Curious’ “Mickeys Gay Bar” night
7. His favorite tranny hooker died of AIDS
6. There’s not enough funerals of porn people to go start fights at
5. Brad Pitt called and said, “Kurt, stop trying to be me”
4. His website was flagged by the FBI as a potential Alkeida gay network
3. Has lost all audio with his flatulants, excercises aren’t working
2. Nick Manning still gets all the credit for looking in the mirror excesively
#1 – Was just informed that the fans watch porn to see the female talent

Damn man…that’s COLD…..


14540cookie-checkSupreme Court Upholds Alabama Ban On Sex Toys:

Supreme Court Upholds Alabama Ban On Sex Toys:

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