Someone who would know sends this:

Someone who would know sends this:

And Jesse Jane should be happy— Mark Davis is a far superior fuck to Julian– and that’s the way it is– just simple fact. 🙂

Ya but I’m better’n both of em…and I’d have done Jesse for free.

Steve Notes:

From the wonderful organization, the UN.

300 inspectors down to 40 something because their contracts expired 5 of 8 helicopters used by inspectors flown out of Iraq because their insurance was suspended

They should have just said, we are going to war this week and we are pulling people out for safety reasons. But then again that would be straight forward.

Mark Kernes Responds to Steve and I:

<< Steve Responds to Kernes:

I like Mark but, he takes Liberal to a new level. (and yes I will still buy him a drink at XRCO)

DUES: The US pays for most military operations of the UN not to mention the biggest supplier of food and aid in the world..>>

Marvelous. I applaud the U.S. … but that doesn’t answer my point. The U.S. still owes the U.N. billions of dollars in dues, and unless someone can point to an agreement that all this funding of military operations and food and aid is an offset of those dues, we still owe them.

<< UN: Useless organization that has countries like Libya and Iran in charge of Disarmament and Human rights because it’s there alphabetical turn.>>

As I said, not a great organization, but better than any currently proffered alternative.

<< UN Mandate: I never did get an answer from Mark on this. The US acted WITHOUT a UN Mandate for the Bosnian conflict, thus saving hundreds of thousands of lives. We waited for a mandate and 10’s of thousands of people were killed from Ethnic cleansing.>>

If you’re trying to make some comparison between Bosnia and Iraq, you’ve got a ways to go.

<< France: France rejected the British compromise before Iraq did. Nuff said

The alternative is NATO>>

Which, oddly, the U.S. dominates.

<< Get used to one world government because we are one world trade. Period. Have been for years.>>

Big difference between international trading and a one-world government.

<< You are against this action purely on what a Bush government may or may not do to the adult industry, In particular companies that push the envelope and beg for it.>>

Are you nuts? I’m against this action because it’s going to start WWIII and I’d like to live past retirement age.

<< I’m not saying the goverment is right. Maybe instead of a AVN director roundtable, it’s time for a world policy round table because with all due respect to Mark and dark lady you are both dead wrong on this issue.>>

Well, if AVN stood for “World Policy Monthly,” I suppose we might do that. As it is, the adult industry isn’t paying enough attention to the world situation, though various members of it are.

<< The UN mandate of liberating Kuwait in 91 stopped us 150 miles from Baghdad. But I guess we forget about that. Not that it’s relevant.>>


(Mike) << Steve is right and I think Kernes would be four square in favor of this if it were a Democratic proposal and the Republicans were against it. Mark only hates the idea because George Bush supports it.>>

Now it’s YOUR turn to be nuts. I call ’em as I see ’em, party affiliation be damned.

<< That’s a bit odd to me too because Mark did time for income tax evasion yet the Democrats are the ones that depend on the progressive income tax to promote class envy and to buy votes…Go Figure.>>

Well, when you start with a wrong assumption, some facts are bound not to make sense.



A Reader with a sense of humor sends this one:

I will protect his identity, cuz this shit IS Hilarious!

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Someone who would know sends this:

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