Someone needs to do an intervention with Jojo Kiss ** Reader Email

We got this email over the weekend about porn star Jojo Kiss. They are worried for her safety and well being. Here is what the email said ………..

Someone needs to do an intervention with Jojo Kiss ** Reader Email

I was with Jojo Kiss a few weeks ago. She was so fucked up she could barely talk. Anyone who knows her will tell you, they’ve probably never seen her sober even once. Jojo Kiss has a major drinking problem. She’s been sent him several times by several different directors for showing up to intoxicated while on set. Just look at how many agents have dropped her. She was with OC Modeling, then Society 15. And even they got rid of her. And now she’s with a new agent. Wonder how long they will keep her around considering her drunken antics.

Someone needs to do an intervention with this girl. She has a major drinking problem. Not even kidding how bad it is.


408010cookie-checkSomeone needs to do an intervention with Jojo Kiss ** Reader Email

Someone needs to do an intervention with Jojo Kiss ** Reader Email

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  1. Wow! In the old days JM would take a person in (close to) any state of intoxication. I think Anabolic/Diabolic would as well. Nowadays someone in that condition is sent home (rightfully) and might not even get a kill fee. She won’t be getting any work if she gets a reputation for showing up to set drunk. I feel sorry for her, alcoholism is horrible and getting sober can be extremely difficult. However, JoJo needs to get her head out of her ass and sober up if she expects to continue to work in this industry. Directors like Jacky St. James and Holly Randall won’t hire someone with a reputation for showing up to set drunk/high. Also, you have to drink one hell of a lot before you are noticeably drunk. Get your head out of your ass and shape up, JoJo!

  2. Do you know why she blocked you, Mr. Big? You seem to be a decent person judging by your posts on this site. You certainly have a more sedate manner of posting than I, that is for sure (although I behave myself on Twitter because it is so easy to lose your account there).

  3. Mr. Big, I have a blocked Twitter story as well. I hope it was a mistake but I went to look at Mike Quasar’s Twitter feed this morning and found myself blocked. I would contact him directly but with him blocking my Twitter account I don’t know how to do so. My post about JoJo’s alcoholism is the only thing I can think of that would cause him to do that and that is a stretch, I have been nothing but nice to Mike (I actually think we would get along well if we met and worked with each other). That post comes to mind because Mike is also a heavy drinker but the difference is that he gets to work on time and does his job, as long as he can do that I don’t give a rat’s ass what he drinks or smokes when he isn’t at work — it is when people are extremely late to work, don’t show up at all, show up drunk/high off of their asses like Terri Starr did to JM about 20 years ago (and can’t do their fucking job) or show up on set and start fist fights over some little thing like Lucy Lee did on another JM set years ago that I get pissed. Hell, Mike is the cameraman for Jacky St. James at Sweet Sinner so he must be doing his job well.

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