Some Reader Mail And Thoughts On Tanner Mayes

By far most of you were much more understanding of Tanner since instead of reading what she said or seeing some stressed out BTS footage you actually saw her a s a real person.

Tony404 Wrote:

” kudos to you mike your blog keeps getting better and better”

One person who didn’t quite like the interview was Tony Malice From JM Productions

Tony sent out an email to most every site, mine included,  whining that Jim Powers shoots for many companies and that singling out JM Productions wasn’t accurate blah blah blah

While technically that may be true it does nothing to address the issues Tanner brings up,  Is Rob Black a different human being because yesterday he shot for evolution instead of extreme?  I think not, it simply obfuscates the issue.

I responded that if he wished to address the real issues that Tanner brought up, like having to perform sex acts just to pick up her check for work she had already done, or supplying alcohol on set to a 2o year old performer, then I would very much give him the opportunity to respond.

He indicated that I was “clueless” and that was that.

I hope the experience was cathartic for Tanner and I hope she moves on to bigger and better things, she is a very cute girl, but that she is lost and needs some guidance is obvious.  The contrast between her and Bobby Starr indicates the diversity of people that this biz attracts.

Jeff Mullen had great things to say about Tanner and I would put a lot more credibility in Jeff’s assessment of her than that of Tony Malice.

29060cookie-checkSome Reader Mail And Thoughts On Tanner Mayes

Some Reader Mail And Thoughts On Tanner Mayes

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  1. Okay, the word brilliant might be a little too strong, but Julie Meadows’ interviews with Bobbi Starr and Tanner Mayes are incredibly well done. Maybe it’s because she was once talent and understands where these girls are coming from that they let down their guards, but Julie lets us see them as real young women. I’m hooked.

  2. Wow. Thanks for posting that! I have to admit that I didn’t know Jim shoots for other companies. But at least there is no need for any sort of retraction if the footage is licensed to JM Productions. Maybe I should be interviewing someone there. Jim maybe?

  3. No worries, Julie. I’m the guy who recommended you to Mike. I started reading your blogs online, and thought your stuff was incredibly honest and well written. I do this for a living, and I told Mike he ought to sign you up. It looks like it’s a good arrangement for both of you. Keep up the good work.

  4. Thanks BT! Getting to write for Mike and talk to these models is very fulfilling. I appreciate your feedback and am really glad you sent him my way. Very, very glad. 🙂

    And… yeah, as much as I would love to interview Jim, I need a little more experience before tackling that. I think it’s a good idea, though.

  5. My advice: Unless there’s something you really want to explore, stick to the gals. You have a knack for humanizing them. That’s what struck me about your blogs – they weren’t about sex. They were about a person who had once made a decision to make sex their business and was now trying to explain that. To the reader. To yourself. Who knows. But there was a real personality there. My guess is that with Jim, you’d just end up arguing over what company was responsible for what footage. On the other hand, if you can make the same kind of personal connection with him, it could be interesting.

  6. My opinion (which is probably worth what you’re paying for it), the response from JM Productions reminds me of the first three rules of counter-interrogation. Admit nothing, deny everything, make false accusations. Of course, that’s when you’ve been caught, have no allies, and no defense.. just a thought.

    I agree with BT, Julie. You’ve got a great thing going. Keep it up. Very refreshing.

  7. My thanks is never-ending to you guys. I think an interview with the unpopular and known misogynists in the industry is compelling, as long as I could maintain an even temper. So, BT, you are right about that. I just need more experience before I can get into that sort of thing, but yes, it is nice to focus a revealing light upon the women. Sex workers are so damn interesting!

  8. Y’know, would it really have been so hard to put out a press release like :

    “We don’t know exactly what happened on set that day. We don’t know who crossed what line first. But we do know one thing… the result was unacceptable. If it happens again, heads will roll. Thanks for listening.”

    It’s probably too much to ask people to stop casually calling the women in porn “stupid whores” every five minutes, but it would be great if folks could stretch to reach the bottom shelf of basic decency and professionalism.

    I’ve said it elsewhere, but it bears repeating: whatever may have happened that day, what kind of guy looks at a tiny, young person like Tanner in that state, right in front of him, and laughs? I can understand (barely) washing your hands of her and saying “not my problem”, but how do you not feel at least a twinge of sympathy?

    Wow. I’m apparently getting cranky in my old age. 🙂

  9. One thing that struck me about the interview was how reluctant Tanner was about telling her side of the story. While JM is off spreading her video, spreading rumors, and even allowing her real name to be posted on XXXPT, Tanner doesn’t want to tell the whole story because she “doesn’t want to be the asshole.” Says a lot about her…And I’m afraid that even though it’s a noble and admirable characteristic, it won’t help her out much in this industry. If she doesn’t speak out loudly, people will continue to take advantage of her. And I think she’s starting to realize that.

  10. should point out that it wasn’t by anyone affiliated with JM, but a member of their forum. Lots of girls’ real names are on their freeones biography page as well.

  11. I don’t think it’s illegal either, maybe it would be if it was done by the producers. I assume it depends on the contract? All I know is that I’d be scared shitless if I was a female performer and people knew my real name. Family members, future employers, obsessed fans…yikes!

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