Shy Love aka Sheelagh Blumberg Wants Everyone To Know The VIP connect Is Licensed. LIE

Shy Love of The VIP Connect also known as Sheelagh Blumberg and Sheelagh Liberboim is in fact NOT in anyway licensed and bonded. Not in any state is she properly licensed and bonded as a Talent agent in Nevada or California, I contacted the State of Nevada and she is not legally licensed as a Talent Agency in any state. She has a business License to operate a Employment agency ONLY. Be aware of Shy Love’s rogue agency and do not believe anything she says. There are many many Talent agencies in Los Angles who are recognized by photographers and talent agencies. There are many ways a potential model seeking to enter the adult industry can research the choose talent agency. Choose wisely.

Shy Love Sheelagh Blumberg Sheelagh Liberboim the VIP connect

Here is a previous article that we should cornerstone as to some possible and likely facts

While Shy loves agency The VIP connect was not even close to being legally licensed and bonded. Shy Love and her goon squad and arguably inept employees employs, Yields to quid pro quo type hints at escorting in order to get bottom feeder adult work.

According to surmountable accounts. There are no ends to the limits Sheelagh Blumberg also known as Sheelagh Liberboim will not excess to scam a talent’s holdings.

Sheelagh Albino changes her name to Shy Love, Sheelagh Blumberg then to Sheelagh Leiberboim


Does Shy Love have HEP C? She also changed her name to Sheelagh Liberboim

Shy Love

The current rumor is that Shy Love is only doing scenes out of the country because they don’t have established testing protocols, and as a result, he can get away with being HEPATITIS C positive and still perform.

Those close to her are saying she is shitting blood, which as you know is a common HEP C symptom. You will notice she has also locked down her test results so that nobody can see the truth.


The only time people lock down their test is when they have something to hide. Camera Bay locked her test down during the HIV scare. Several tests were locked down during the Mr. Marcus syphilis scare. If you have nothing to hide, you don’t need to lock it down.

You might also notice that she no longer uses the name, Sheelagh Blumberg. After all of these years of marriage to Roy Liberboim, she has finally started using his last name. Could it be the tax issues are finally catching up with her?




It is obvious to even a person not entirely privy to the inner workings of her incredible and diabolical ways. Shyster Shy Love as her name is synonymous with. Shyster Sinister Shy Love aka Sheelagh Blumberg Sheelagh Liberboim has a new name that is coined here on this site just for her.

It is now widely considered the VIP connect is a front for Prostitution and human trafficking girls from Eastern Europe. What other reasons would Shy Love have to abruptly pack up she meager belongings and bolt for Holland. This was just two weeks after it was discovered that Shy Has Not filed a single tax return in nine years ? Why would she be traveling back and forth to the United States every three months ? Draw your own conclusions.

Here is Shy Love doing what she so often does. New recruits will be expected to do the same males and females.

Meet Team Shy Love John Stephen Forbush

112480cookie-checkShy Love aka Sheelagh Blumberg Wants Everyone To Know The VIP connect Is Licensed. LIE

Shy Love aka Sheelagh Blumberg Wants Everyone To Know The VIP connect Is Licensed. LIE

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78 Responses

  1. Talent? dump your agents! Stop allowing these pimps like Derek Hay and Mark Spiegler to feed off your insecurities and bully you! Stop allowing them to take advantage of you and run you through the mill! YOU DO NOT NEED AGENTS! Just pick up your phone and do it yourself! Stop the stupidity!

  2. Funny thing is that if you look through the CA Talent agency license database, the only agent that is “Licensed” is JOHN STEVEN DBA MATRIX MODELS.

  3. All the agents are corrupt scum.
    Derek Hay, for example, is a dirtbag who runs an illegal escort agency and isn’t even a U.S. citizen. Now he is in Vegas somewhere. How the hell does this guy get away with this crap? Talent? Wake Up! Dump your agent! Report Derek hay. Get him deported back to England.

  4. My buddy Mark Spiegler alias
    @cindispiegler is the best talent agt.
    in porn and he paid for my room and
    my meals at Avn every January. Me and
    Jamie Profit are sharing a bed this year
    with Spiegs. Anybody like to join us?

  5. One thing I can say with absolute 100% certainty now is that Derek Hay owns NO part of The Luxury Companion, nor has he ever. I have had extensive conversations with the real owner, I admit I was somewhat surprised because it certainly appeared to be the case but I know for sure now that it is not.

  6. @mike south: I agree with billy. I’m sure Derek Hay was smart enough not to put his name on the luxury companion paperwork but ALL of his girls are on there… A mountain of girls to give you the connection.. Put two and two together.

  7. A year or two ago Id have agreed with you…after having seen the operation…I dont buy it….Yes he knows them and everyone thinks he sends girls to TLC but the real truth that I have seen is the opposite, they send girls to him. They only book pornstars often they are approached by girls who want to make that kind of money and if they havent done porn it is most likely that LA Direct will get them if they decide to do porn. Its been a fascinating look into that aspect of the biz really.

  8. between TLC, Pamela Peaks and MyPlatinum Provider 90% of the girls in porn are escorting as TLC told me point blank..theres no money in it for Derek, plain and simple. At this point I dont think derek pushes his girls to escort at all….I used to hear that a lot…havent heard it once in over two years now. I HAVE heard it about others, Derek seems to push them to Cam work now if anything.

    Whatever Derek may have done 3 years ago something over there has changed in a big way….When it comes to looking out for the girls Derek actually seems to be a the top of the heap, for example he doesnt book his girls with Kink because of past problems with the scenes going too far and or his girls being physically harmed on set.

    Ive gotten a really good look into L.A Direct and TLC and ATMLA and MPP and helpyoubookher2 and others recently Derek is choirboy compared to many of these….yall may not believe it but I suspect you will see sometime the next 12 months.

  9. I am very interested in Derek’s past problems with Kink. Others say that Kink is one of the better places to work but even I being a strong supporter of BDSM porn have to admit they have had a few issues make it outside of the Armory. Being into BDSM myself I can think of a few things that could cause such an issue (assuming Peter Acworth himself is not the problem which at this juncture I believe he is not). One is that the girl just didn’t understand what she was getting into. That could be Derek’s fault, Kink’s fault or a combination of the two not explaining thoroughly what a scene entails. Two is a rogue director taking things too far. I have read/heard this about Donna in particular — especially with the now shut down Public Disgrace site. Three is a corporate issue where day to day management (insulating Peter Acworth the owner further and further from the day to day business of the company as it grows too large for him to keep a handle on) could be taking the company in a different direction from their past policy of making damn sure nothing goes wrong on set and talent is only asked to do what he/she is comfortable with. The first is easily dealt with in the future without the drastic step of Derek refusing to book with Kink. The second is more difficult as it would involving replacing a director that is well liked by subscribers and even many talent. If it is the third then Peter has a big problem. Kink has grown too large for him to keep a handle on things without management that is willing to toe the line and support the official policy not allowing things to go too far, if they currently are not towing the line here the solution could involve replacing management. Overall I think Kink is a decent company but even I have noticed that things could be going downhill there since the company grew too large for the owner to continue to keep control of. Of course this is from someone that does NOT work for Kink (me) and is therefore limited as to what I know about what goes on at the company.

  10. When I stumbled on that 2012 article premising that porn had evolved into advertising for escorts it became fascinating for me too.

    While there certainly are some agents are trying to recoup dwindling and lost revenue streams by booking escort gigs …escorts who formerly eschewed the idea of performing as a risk now use it as an integral part of their marketing and branding strategy.

    The internet has been a game changer for escorting as well as porn. Craigslist opened a whole new world of competition for escorts who relied on carefully worded personals ads in daily, weekly and monthly print publications. Some even committed to annual phonebook ads. Next came sites offering limited premium site placement and banner ads. Smart escorts added film credits with the advantage of free publicity and expanded client base.

    So my fascination only led to conclusion that like so many other things in life there’s a whole lot of grey area in the middle with fuzzy lines near the extremes.

  11. An Industry attorney tweeted about agent licensing and replied YES when I asked if a NY agent booking a client for work in CA or any other state would have to be licensed in that state to enforce their fee agreement.

  12. @mharris: I’m happy to hear that public disgrace shut down, although, I would have been even happier to hear that kink shut down altogether and that Peter acworth was deported back to England. Oh well..fingers crossed that that will eventually happen.. As for princess donna? She’s a public disgrace!

    Anyway, Harris? How do you get off watching women being tortured and getting the shit beat out of them if you don’t hate women? How is it possible not to connect the two?

  13. And Harris? How do you get off watching a gang bang aka gang rape scene again if you don’t hate women? These people are really having sex so it looks like someone is REALLY being raped. These are not like the gang bang scenes that were shot in the 90’s. These gang bang scenes today are violent and disgusting. only a sicko could possibly get off on those scenes. And how does a male performer shoot a scene like that? What is going through his head? You don’t think these guys have major mental problems and hate women? Ask any psychiatrist I guarantee they will tell you they do.

  14. I don’t have inside knowledge on this but from what Mike has said there is some type of conflict whether it be Derek having conflict with Kink’s business practices regarding treatment of models as he was told or if Derek actually has some other beef that he is covering up with the claims of poor treatment of models I don’t know. I am interested in hearing more on the matter, especially with the two credible reports of injury, if I recall both happened on Donna’s set (and involved Cameron Bay), I recall Cameron’s breast implant popping taking place there. Too bad, Donna is a longtime director on Kink sites and at least until the last couple of years where her directing has taken a turn for the overly rough (even when she is submissive talent) she was well-respected in the BDSM community. I don’t know if Cameron’s tit implant popping was an accident or if someone went too far on purpose. To talk to Donna (or more accurately hear her talk) she seems harmless but with two incidents on her set and none on others at Kink in the past five years even a hardcore BDSM person like myself has to wonder. Even at Intersec which is known for leaving marks that take two weeks to heal, “force”-feeding their talent dog/cat food, giving talent milk enemas, having them shit it back out and then drinking the shit-laced milk (the milk enema and dog/cat food bits don’t turn me on, that is for sure) and other much rougher trade than Kink is known for, breast implants aren’t being popped and men’s dicks aren’t being caused to bleed (and the scene continued without a condom afterward before bleeding stops) at Intersec.

    I am going to address Common’s accusation in this post that I hate women because I am into BDSM as well. I don’t know how to explain it in a way that everyone can relate to but being into BDSM myself I can assure you that the turn-on from these practices is just as true and erection-hoisting as most men’s turn-on seeing Aaliyah Love get fucked in a vanilla porn flick (Aaliyah also looks great hogtied). BTW I can get off being bound/spanked/caned/whipped by a cute dominant woman (that I trust) just as well as doing the binding/spanking/caning/whipping to a cute submissive woman, it is just that my age and health does not allow me to be dominated in this fashion anymore. The women at Kink and Intersec (by and large) are turned on by what happens to them there, the guys (and girls) dominating them aren’t woman haters, those that aren’t don’t make it through their first scene there. BDSM can be compared with most people’s heterosexuality and/or homosexuality (I am also heterosexual and love women), we are just born that way and that is the way God wired our brains. I don’t know where you get your information, Common but you don’t know what the fuck you are talking about!

    Also, Common — BDSM hasn’t been a registered mental illness since DSM III in the 80’s. No psychiatrist in his right mind will equate BDSM practice as a mental illness today.

  15. I bet Mark Spiegler throws you out of his bed and calls the cops just as soon as he sees you there, Fake Sean. Maybe Fake Ari can go 50/50 on a Motel 6 room in Vegas and you can share a bed with him, Fake Christina, Fake Christina’s Fake Strap-On, Fake Patufa and her fake dog toys.

  16. For those of you lucky enough to have never seen anything those piles of shit at have put out, I’ll just characterize it as torture mixed with the most degrading sex acts possible. The variety of cruel and bizarre devices, contraptions, machines, and objects that the producers have accumulated for use on the women featured on the site is terrifyingly mind-boggling, and the entire vibe more closely approximates the contents of a nightmare than anything I’ve ever seen while awake: the logos for the site are designed to look like titles for a horror movie; the page backgrounds are dominated by black, gray, and brown to the extent that they remind one of that stupid Tool video; and the videos are nearly all taped in the site’s building at the Armory, a pretty dungeonesque joint by the looks of it. The text describing each of the sites is fucking petrifying. An example from the Device Bondage site:

    Device Bondage is a BDSM sex Website with the best porn around. Our naked women in BDSM play are whipped, tied up, chained, fucked, and humiliated. Amazing things that happen on our site include kinky sex with tit torture, steel bondage, hard nipples, nipple clamps, rope bondage, girls being caned, torture sex [What in the FUCK is “torture sex”? ], girls being spanked, leather bondage, and other BDSM play.

    Girls are also pulled in and out of cages, their tongues clamped, their bodies pinned, and their arms and legs strapped. We also have contraptions used in countries such as China for torture. Our girls like to be tied up with leather belts and harnesses, spanked hard, punished, and humiliated. When the girls are done spreading wide for their bondage sex shoot, they have red asses, intense pleasure, and big smiles.

    There’s footage and photos of naked women locked in cages too small for rabbits, of broken skin and blood, of women being waterboarded and subjected to other near-drowning tortures, of naked women being humiliated and tortured in public. Machines, metal, wood, electrodes, hooks, needles, hoods, and every other possible thing some sick motherfucker could come up with to use to torture a woman are in evidence on one or more of’s sites.

    Each of the galleries that the sites use to sell their videos features a shot or two of the woman’s face looking absolutely terror-stricken. And it’s those photos that bother me the most. I know why they’re there; the people who pay money to watch the shit on these sites need to see that the woman who they’re watching get tortured is hurting and is scared because she doesn’t know what is going to happen to her next.

    The fact that the site owners always include a shot of the woman after the shoot looking happy doesn’t matter. The men who go to these sites aren’t there to revel in women’s pleasure, they’re there to see women tortured. They’re not watching public humiliation videos to fantasize about iconoclasm and bucking societal norms, they’re there to get boners thinking about degrading and humiliating human beings. These sites aren’t about “exploring our dark sides,” they’re about giving free reign to the sickest of human desires, desires that are inculcated by a sexually repressed and guilt-ridden society that has yet to figure out how to deal with the detritus of religious dogma and has thus intertwined fear and hatred with sex to create the misogynistic shit heap we now live in. This shit ain’t revolutionary, it’s so fucking obvious and stupid that I’d laugh if it didn’t look so much like RAPE. If exploring your “dark side” entails wanking to women being tortured, it might be best to leave it unexplored. Or kill yourself.

    You know what I don’t want to do? Live in a world where people jerk off to women being subjected to “contraptions used in countries such as China for torture.” Know what else I don’t want to do? Listen to women (or men) tell me that the women who participate in the creation of these videos for these disgusting motherfuckers to jerk off to do so because the shit feels “amazing.” Nor do I want to hear how subversive the people who are into this shit are because they “explore the dark side.” First off, what person over the age of sixteen talks about “exploring the dark side”? Seriously. And why does “exploring the dark side” have to be such an unimaginative, tired, boring, intellectually insulting, misogynistic cliche?

    But besides the ridiculous aspect of someone fancying themselves a revolutionary because they get boners from seeing women hurt or get orgasms from being hurt when we live in a society that encourages that shit like UFC encourages tribal tattoos, it’s pretty goddamned obscene. The way I see it, if you think you’re punk for getting off on reenacting the kinds of abuses that real women and children in this world suffer on a daily basis (and thus mocking their suffering), you can go fuck yourself.

  17. And Harris? 99.9% of the time YOU don’t know what the hell you’re talking about! LOL! And don’t give me that crap that the guys who film these scenes don’t hate women.. Of course they do. And the women who do these scenes are either desperate or have some serious psychological issues….

  18. And Harris? People who are into this shit are born this way and that is the way God wired your brains? LMFAO! Hahahahaha… Oh Harris you really are funny! 🙂

  19. @commonsense

    “You know what I don’t want to do? Live in a world where people jerk off to women being subjected to “contraptions used in countries such as China for torture.”

    Given this stance you might want to check into reservations for a one way ticket to an uninhabited planet or comet.

    “The way I see it, if you think you’re punk for getting off on reenacting the kinds of abuses that real women and children in this world suffer on a daily basis (and thus mocking their suffering), you can go fuck yourself.”

    It seems to be an overreach to assume these films are reenactments or perpetuations of “real women and children” being abused as a mockery of their experience.

    Using your example of tortured faces on sites. Would you ban theme parks too? We have a theme park souvenir photo that shows our then five year old in absolute terror while her three year old sister is lit up with glee. If the theme park logos were removed and you ignored the fact that mom & dad’s faces aren’t visible as both are turned toward child to comfort her you might assume we intentionally terrified the five year old …perhaps assume we are whispering horrific threats vs soothing reassurances.

    Would you ban journalists who document real abuses vs interrupting them assuming their intent is voyeuristic and pleasurable because they like the thrill of defeating the dangers of their job?

    How about Civil War and other period pieces that truly reenact and sometimes mock outrageous human atrocities?

    As a mother and longtime child advocate you’ll never catch me making light of women or children being abused. I also advocate organ donation yet am sickened and horrified with stories/images of regions where men are prey for their kidney’s and often partial liver resections they had no knowledge of. Organ traffickers target men desperate to feed their families and desperate men hope the consequences they see on a daily basis won’t befall them.

    Women and children forced to endure abuse including survival sex is a problem but equating commercially filmed BDSM to a mockery of that plight goes too far for me. There are countries who have blacklisted adoption of their children to the US because too many were proven to be used for pedophilia when our checks and balances didn’t work to track those kids.

    I’m much more concerned with situations with Mama June that perpetuate child abuse. The dark side of pageantry as child porn often ignores women who willingly seek out relationships that endanger and indoctrinate their children to heinous physical and sexual abuses. Kids subjected to electrical voltage causing heart attacks…boys with penile injuries from metal tube insertions…septic wounds and more.

    Declaring all agents, BDSM etc as exploitive or misogynistic is a huge part of the problem with marginalizing stereotypes defended on one side and argued on the other offering no progress towards more respectful practices by all involved.

  20. Lol lurking Reader!! We definitely disagree. Not sure what mama June has to do with but I do agree she’s trash who should have her kids taken away. And I am referring to the crap that goes on at not regular “BDSM” although I am not for that either…
    And I’m not sure why you threw in the line about agents being explotive with the response but I am guessing you are for agents. I am not. Performers don’t need agents. especially agents like scumbags Derek Hay and Mark Spiegler.

  21. Oh and no I wouldn’t ban theme parks. I also wouldn’t compare theme parks to the crap that goes on at Lol

    Oh and where can I buy this one way ticket to a comet or an uninhibited planet? Sounds awesome! 🙂

    “It seems to be an overreach to assume these films are reenactments or perpetuations of “real women and children” being abused as a mockery of their experience.”
    Is it? I don’t think so! 😉

  22. @commonsense

    When it comes to advocating safety for women and children situations like mama June are in every community and addressing them might make a bigger dent than ascribing all or nothing assumptions to porn genres and business practices.

    Tossing in declaring all agents or BDSM as exploitive was pointing out your overall theme in this thread.

    The tone of your first statement closes every door you intended to open with marginalizing stereotypes. Many would say this statement is misogynistic as well as misandrist with an overall paternalistic tone.


    Are you questioning or debating performance as talent.

    “dump your agents!”

    Who made you boss?

    “Stop allowing these pimps like Derek Hay and Mark Spiegler”

    “Pimps” extends beyond specific examples with prior all inclusive “dump your agents”

    “to feed off your insecurities and bully you!”

    So all “Talent?” are insecure and need your paternalistic protective guidance to run from the big bad bullies who run their lives?

    “Stop allowing them to take advantage of you and run you through the mill!”

    Assumes every performer/agent relationship is exploitive offering no mutual benefits.


    Assumes all “Talent?” possess skills to perform agent services.

    “Just pick up your phone and do it yourself!”

    Lots of assumptions like “Talent?” Know who to call, have access to contact info and time to do so.

    “Stop the stupidity!”

    Icing on the cake.

    It’s easy to judge and assume anyone in a potentially exploitive situation is there because they are too stupid to do it differently. What’s truly stupid is people assuming their advantages, resources and skills are equally available to those they call stupid.

    Btw moving to an uninhabited planet or comet may shelter you from unpleasant realities but does nothing to improve the plight of those forced to endure the ugly crap you don’t want to see.

  23. @commonsense

    “Oh and no I wouldn’t ban theme parks. I also wouldn’t compare theme parks to the crap that goes on at Lol”

    The comparison wasn’t theme parks to kink it was recognizing there are many innocent situations capable of producing the imagery you objected to kink using to advertise its content.

    Discounting all post production interviews as part of a coercive and exploitive situation then picking a random photo to prove torture is a dangerous road to travel. It assumes there is no possibility that the photo was taken at an innocuous moment.

  24. Marginalizing stereotypes? Lol! Nice politically correct spin there, lurking Reader! The next thing you’re going to tell me is that Islam is a religion of peace? Lol

    The fact is that caters to the lowest common denominator. The lowest scum of the earth. The freaks of society. (Although there are worse companies like facial abuse) any guy who performs in these scenes hate women or they wouldn’t be able to perform in them over and over and over again! They even leave bruises on / injure these women. They keep shooting even with someone’s dick or pussy bleeding. I have seen photos these women have posted of their injuries online. And what they do doesn’t bother these guys one bit! Why? because they hate women! Period! end of story!

    The guys who watch these scenes and get off on them also hate women, whether they know it or not. no sane person gets off on this garbage. No sane person gets off on watching a woman being tortured and raped! Yeah, that’s hot! 😉 NOT! They are sickos! This kind of crap is catered to people like michael whiteacre and war machine. WOMEN HATERS! Doesn’t matter how much you spin it with your politically correct crap! They hate women! End of story.

    The women who perform in these scenes are either self hating, reliving abuse they suffered as a child over and over again because to them it’s normal. They never got help. Never went to therapy. They think that’s the way they deserve to be treated…or it’s a way to deal with what happened to them by reliving it (it’s quite sad and sick) or they are just desperate for money. End of story!

    and how bout the ridiculous scenes kink shoots of the women telling everyone how much they loved filming the scene they just shot.. I have never seen anything like it. It is so fake. Such bullshit. They have a look of fear in their eyes like a prisoner of war does or like someone is holding a gun to their head. It’s total bullshit. Totally scripted. It’s just a way for scumbag acworth to protect himself from being sued when the performer finally wakes up to reality and realizes what just happened to her.. Ya know the old. YOU CONSENTED! Lol! End of story.

    As for the agents. I’m not sure if you are a spokesperson for Derek hay or shy love or what…But again…THE TALENT DOESN’t NEED THEM. And it’s easy for YOU to assume that the talent is so stupid that they can’t do anything for themselves. I think they can. I am pretty sure james Deen doesn’t have an agent…. if that halfwit can be his own agent you mean the rest of the performers can’t? They just aren’t as smart as Deen? Lol…

    And again mama June has nothing to do with That’s a whole other issue. And moving to an uninhibited planet STILL sounds awesome to me! 🙂

    Oh and what they do at a theme part is FAKE! What happens at is REAL! Photos taken at an innocent moment? Lol

    Keep spinning the bullshit lurking! End of conversation!

  25. I mean the photo was taken at an innocuous moment. Sorry. I am still LOL as I write this! End of conversation!

  26. @mharris

    Anyone who either refers talent to a company that harms others or any company that hires someone to harm another is in the wrong.

    These are movies. Movies are fake. For some reason Kink has to be real? Nope. They can fake it. They just choose not to. It isn’t like they are filming a documentary.

    Due to the chance of a performer not being fully aware of what they are getting into they shouldn’t film real material. Period. That’s only common sense though.

  27. @commonsense

    Refusing to denounce agents or even with a broad brush in no way equates to standing FOR them. In this imperfect world I much prefer performers choose a licensed agent who might give them something of value for the exorbitant fees some agents charge vs getting wrapped up with a purely exploitive situation that offers no hope of mutual benefit and has no checks/balances. Since this post was about agents it’s a bit confusing how it turned into a pedestal for you eviscerate

    “Marginalizing stereotypes? Lol! Nice politically correct spin there, lurking Reader! The next thing you’re going to tell me is that Islam is a religion of peace? Lol”

    Is that the best you can do to sidestep and deny examples of your bigoted comments? At a loss how pointing out your marginalizing stereotypes of performers and agents reopened the door to what’s looking like a vendetta against Before you accuse me of advocating you might want to read back to see the many times Kink and Acworth have been subjected to my criticisms of their business practices.

    “lowest common denominator ..lowest scum of the earth. The freaks of society.”

    Seriously? Where would you place pedophiles…munchausens by proxy…or murderers?

    Are you assuming women who earn a living catering to the demand for this content are only doing so because they have no other choices? Or do you ascribe to theory that women never freely consent to performing content that caters to woman hating men?

    What about content showing women dominating men?

    If woman hating content were banished would it make the woman haters who get off on the content respect women in a manner deemed acceptable by your lofty standards?

    “CONSENT” goes hand in hand with a paycheck and it’s sound business to include a post production interview in the deal.

    I’m not assuming talent is too stupid to represent themselves! I’m pointing out that performers often choose agent services until they have a handle on doing their own marketing and branding…that many performers see learning and making time to do those services as secondary to actually performing…that some established performers find agents fees worth the time they save by not performing those services themselves. Much like I don’t need a lawn service but have chosen to pay their fees as a fair exchange for the extra time it allows me to spend with my husband during our limited opportunities.

    Mama June represents a truly abusive exploitative dynamic that facilitates ongoing abuse no two ways about it vs where it’s foolish to assume any and every filmed event is an exploitation. I won’t assume performers are incapable or didn’t give genuine consent because the post production interviews they also agreed to show something other than overwhelming glee in their eyes.

    My daughter would beg to differ with you about the reality of the terror she felt the moment that image was snapped. I’ll grant you that Disney’s Tower of Terror is a much more controlled environment than any set.

    Standing by my position that images of fear, disgust or terror aren’t proof of abuse nor are they sufficient to invalidate prior consent while still leaving room for occasions when events cross the line yet no images were captured to convey the duress the performer experienced.

  28. Thank you for your spirited defense of both porn and me here, Lurking. It is much appreciated and would certainly be appropriate in any non-religious university class on the topic of sexuality. I find Common’s characterization of both Kink and BDSM to be ridiculous, it reminds me of Gail Dines’ and the now thankfully dead Andrea Dworkin’s “all sex is rape” bullshit. This also reminds me of the Catholic Church and its (evident) belief that all non-procreative sex (that is any sex not specifically done to have a child) being a sin even though there isn’t a Bible scripture to directly back the assertion up. How is some nameless asshole like Common supposedly qualified to tell me what kind of sex I am supposed to enjoy and get off on?

    Common, now I am going to get back to (with her full understanding and consent) hogtying and suspending my concubine in the air with rope tied to the ceiling and caning her with my bamboo cane. After that I will whip her into ecstasy with a single-tail whip smacking stingingly into her creamy white skin, finally making her cum so hard that she screams at the top of her voice when I finally insert my erect “dipstick” into her pussy. Tell Gail Dines to go suck an HIV infested dick next time you see her! 🙂

  29. Not as much as I love charming the cutest (adult) girls right into my bedroom, Lurk. 😉

    I am also distressed to hear that sick and twisted pedophiles are attempting sounding (the insertion of metal tubes into dicks for a sexual purpose) on little kids. Those pedophile pricks need to have their balls cut off, forced to swallow their balls, their dicks cut off of them, mounted on a stick and shoved up their asses repeatedly (after gasoline is dumped deep into their assholes and lit up with a match) as punishment for their pedophile ways. Adults can sound themselves if it turns them on and they understand the risks, that I don’t have a problem with but anyone doing that to a kid needs to be truly tortured to death (not to be confused with the supposed “torture” that Common accuses Kink of).

  30. @mharris

    Glad you felt defended by my opinion but it wasn’t my intent in calling out marginalizing stereotypes that annoyed me 🙂

    BTW….no Priest nor the Pope has tried to tell me sex I’ve been enjoying since procreation became impossible for this body is a sin.
    Bit off topic but you gotta know I’m a bitch on wheels in Catechist theology classes on the concept of sin where abortion is sure to come up. Folks hate finding out it’s a sin for a Catholic to hold a non-catholic to our doctrine or worse assume they know another persons knowledge or intent which are essential elements of sin as we understand it. Raised a real stink once when Bishop joined me in a prayer of gratitude for the lives saved via legal abortions in medically appropriate settings 😉

  31. @lurkingreader: LMFAO! I am glad you are continuing on with your bullshit politically correct spin! The more you open your mouth the bigger the hole you dig! Lol 🙂

    @harris: I don’t expect you to denounce because you are one of their number one customers. You don’t miss an opportunity to plug that vile company. Is Peter acworth sending you a check in the mail or what? You are a sicko who jerks off to women being tortured and raped. I for one am glad I don’t personally know you. Get help!

    Oh and Harris? you are also wrong 99.9% of the time in any statements you make on here which numerous people have already pointed out not only on here but on other blogs you have posted on. In other words your credibility is ZIP!

    and finally, even in England they are banning this shit that produces. WHY? BECAUSE IT PROMOTES VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN!


  32. @harris: who the hell said I was against porn? I am against VIOLENT PORN! Stereotyping huh? wrong again Harris!

    Charming the cutest adult girls into your bedroom? LMFAO. So you are not only a sicko but delusional, EH? Dream on. I doubt you can get any girl into your bedroom unless you forced them by beating them into submission! Harris I find YOU to be ridiculous! A lol joke! GET HELP!

  33. OK lets settle down a bit nobody here is sick just because they have a different view of sexuality than you do. I shoot bukkakes for Gods sake and while some may consider it sick it simply shows a short sighted view and a fear of things they dont understand. Everyone involved is a willing participant and wants to be there so no harm no foul, same holds true for BDSM, tickling, balloon popping or anal its all about what turns ya on and different folks are turned on by different things….Just because I like Broccoli doesnt make me sick and twisted….though I dont understand how anyone could eat Beets

  34. @commonsense

    If this site did polls …you’d need care packages and a steep ladder to get back on even ground 😉

    “and finally, even in England they are banning this shit that produces. WHY? BECAUSE IT PROMOTES VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN!”

    This is a classic ‘Monkey See, Monkey Do’ argument and you painted yourself into a tight corner via ‘narrowly focused aka wearing horse blinders’ positions.

    Slapping a blindfold on the monkeys works as well as taking a one way trip to an uninhabited planet to stop the underlying issues. Censorship and prohibition are futile misguided efforts that do nothing but appease those looking to slap a band-aid on the issue at hand.

    It’s probable I’m wasting my time but here goes….focusing the Mama June situations in every community would be a much more effective approach. Getting folks like June into counseling to better understand her role as a parent is a much better use of resources than designing, implementing and enforcing censorship. She has four girls who would have directly benefited if she were given appropriate counseling with June’s first pregnancy at age 14 when she was dating men in their 20’s & 30’s …clearly she already had issues.

    What was her motive to mislead her child and family about the 14 year olds paternity given the fact the child was five when Ford made his appearance on to catch a predator? Which is two years after McDaniels abused the oldest in the presence of the now 14 y/o.

    Over the years there were numerous opportunities to prevent the current headlines and offer four girls the chance to discern appropriate choices to protect them from the herd mentality and falling prey to monkey see monkey do.

    The prevalence of performers with physical and sexual abuse issues been discussed on this site and others. Tons of evidence is out there to prove children raised in abusive situations often lack effective coping skills. So please spare me your band-aid censorship ideals that do nothing to empower women with coping skills to reject disrespectful behaviors…..that do nothing to educate boys who later become women-hating men. IG the guy AU recently tossed from his campaign to educate men on the finer arts of abusive coercion for dating.


    Shout from the highest roof top if you want….it won’t pay the buy out fees talent are facing….it won’t help the performer from tumbleweed gulch with stars in her eyes approached at the local mall by an ‘agent’ ready to show her the ropes. Your shouting does nothing to bridge or fill the gap you’re pretending doesn’t exist.

    Have a nice day;)

  35. Hey I like beets but you’re welcome to all the lyonnaise potatoes that come my way 😉

  36. I will settle it down now, Mike. I think this debate has run its course anyway. Thanks for the defense that people like me aren’t sick and twisted, it is much appreciated and does really make me feel better about my sexuality. It just irks me when someone like Common Sense that does not have much knowledge about BDSM and how it works starts the Gail Dines like speel that the women are somehow victims when in actuality they are getting off on the activity just as much as their dominant.

    For the record a good tickling video (of an attractive adult woman, Dia Zerva did some of those for her Clips For Sale site before she left the industry) is fun to watch and turns me on just the same as an old-fashioned caning. I don’t get the balloon popping fetish but that does not make it wrong for those that do.

    Also, I prefer my beets highly pickled. Broccoli goes good with cheese melted on top.

  37. “Since this post was about agents it’s a bit confusing how it turned into a pedestal for you eviscerate”
    Really? Are you THAT confused lurking? I’m sorry! Let me help you out. I brought up kink because your buddy mharris mentioned them. Something he finds a way to do almost everyday. he is constantly praising and glorifying them and he talks about the people who work there as if he personally knows them. ( psssst..he’s delusional) anyway I thought I would put out a totally opposite opinion of his creepy views. I hope this makes you less confused now. 😉

    Not answering the question about if you believe Islam is a religion of peace, EH? I guess we all know the answer then. Lol the reason I even asked that question was to prove how politically correct you are aka full of shit.

    Oh god now you are calling me a bigot. Lol when someone has to resort to calling someone a bigot, racist, homophobic, sexist etc.. because the person makes sense but doesn’t spout your political correct bullshit….Especially when you don’t even know the person you are calling these things. YOU LOSE THE ARGUMENT.

    And again you keep bringing up things that have NOTHING TO DO with this conversation like, pedophilia. You want to know if I am against pedophilla? Uh, YEAH. Who in their right mind wouldn’t be? I also called mama June trash.and said she should have her kids taken away from her .. That should have given you a hint.. But since you are so politically correct maybe I should say, how dare you be against pedophiles! You’re are sterotyping them.. You may be against it but some people love it! They just love children! Who are you to judge! You sound like a bigot! 😉 Mharris would say that they were born that way. They can’t help the way they act! 😉

    But since this has nothing to do with the kink conversation… And, this IS a porn forum.. we are suppose to talk about porn hence me talking about kink… If you want to discuss mama June maybe you should post comments on tmz… caters to the lowest common denominator. Scum. Low life’s. Same people don’t watch kink. Whiteacre does! Acworth even follows him on Twitter. Awww 2 women haters have found love! Lol That’s really THAT DIFFICULT for you to understand?
    Keep digging that hole, lurking! 😉

  38. “Sane people don’t watch kink. Crazy people do. People like michael whiteacre do.” Scum… Low life’s women haters…. These people are already crazy and when they watch kink what they see gives these looney toons… Ideas…. England knows that ..that is why they are banning this crap

  39. @lurking: I can’t even read your lol responses anymore… But please continue on spewing your political correct bullshit.. That hole is really deep! Hahahahaha and keep being the spokesperson for the agents and spewing your scare tactics! I hear Derek Hay loves you!

    Have a nice day! 😉

  40. @commonsense

    Mharris initial comment wasn’t lost on me…in fact I asked if he was telling us an agent had a conflict with his beloved This thread didn’t evolve it got hijacked then evolved.

    “Not answering the question about if you believe Islam is a religion of peace, EH? I guess we all know the answer then. Lol the reason I even asked that question was to prove how politically correct you are aka full of shit.”

    “The next thing you’re going to tell me is that Islam is a religion of peace?”

    Despite tacking a question mark at the end this is a statement of expectation. I chose to ignore this sarcastic derisive off topic belittling attempt as much more indicative of your poor debating skills than anything I presented. Since you brought up unanswered questions care to explain why you’ve ignored numerous questions much more closely related to the topic at hand.

    “Oh god now you are calling me a bigot.”

    Seems your having trouble separating truth from delusional fictions…I called your comments bigoted ….
    ‘Is that the best you can do to sidestep and deny examples of your bigoted comments?’ Care to discuss all the names and labels you’ve slapped on people and their characters?

    “And again you keep bringing up things that have NOTHING TO DO with this conversation like, pedophilia”

    You might want to think about what you spew….you were the first to raise the issue of child abuse. I took the position that it’s an overreach to say commercially produced BDSM between consenting adults is a mockery of the very real abuse women and children suffer. I further take the position that banning content you don’t like won’t prevent the abuse…suggesting counseling and teaching those at risk healthy coping skills. Might want to look at the next comment you provided.

    11/15 @9:24 you said….
    “The way I see it, if you think you’re punk for getting off on reenacting the kinds of abuses that real women and children in this world suffer on a daily basis (and thus mocking their suffering), you can go fuck yourself.”

    11/15 @5:34pm you said…
    “The women who perform in these scenes are either self hating, reliving abuse they suffered as a child over and over again because to them it’s normal. They never got help. Never went to therapy. They think that’s the way they deserve to be treated…or it’s a way to deal with what happened to them by reliving it (it’s quite sad and sick) or they are just desperate for money. End of story!”

  41. @commonsense

    Sorry to bust your bubble but England banning content is a political move to cover their assess vs any of the lofty notions you’d like to ascribe to the measure.

    They need to prove they’re fixing Rotterham, rampant institutional abuses in Church of England and beyond as well as the oh so messy situation with missing documents and members of parliament abusing kids.

    Would love to know how you think this damage control image improving measure will address or prevent Rotterham, Politicians, CoE, Hospitals, schools and more from continuing to corrupt the very people they swore to protect.

  42. @commonsense sounds a lot like Jessie Rogers former pornstar turned anti-porn activist. Just shut the hell up. Nobody cares what you have to say. The reason porn exists is for these fantasies to be played out in a safe atmosphere. Saying violent porn encourages rape is like saying Marilyn Manson songs encouraged Columbine. It’s bullshit.

    I know for a fact at at least on the straight side of things that girls are shown the website in advance and know exactly what they are getting into. Same thing with any girl that agree to do Double Vag or DP, or 50 guy creampies. It’s not like they show up on set, and are told that day this act is going to occur.

    Finally you want to know why 90% of the girls in porn escort? Simple. Everything is free. New video comes out and you can go to a tube site and pay $0 instead of the $20-$30/monthly pass. If the girls were getting work 5 days a week, they wouldn’t be escorting. There isn’t enough scenes to go around, and on top of all of this prostitution should be legal in this Country anyways. Personally, I don’t know how these porn prostitution empires do it, but more power to them.

  43. @mdxxx: LOL I am not in the industry and I never even heard of Jessie rogers! trying to knock my credibility eh? Nice try! 😉 The only credibility you, lurking reader and m ” notorious bullshitter” Harris knock is your own every time you open your mouth! but please accept my humble apology, Mr Acworth, sir! I really am sorry I offended you and caused you to have this outburst! 🙁 I am sooooo sorry that my truthful statements have upset you sooo much! you better take a Xanax. I wouldn’t want you to have a stroke or anything 😉

    psst.. I didn’t ask why anyone escorts because it’s obvious why they do.. but thanks for the history lesson anyway! 😉

  44. I disagree with you mike! violence against women is wrong and anyone who gets off on it IS sick! making a comparison between not liking broccoli or whatever IS NO COMPARISON to a woman having the shit beat out of her…all the politically correct spin in the world doesn’t change that fact..and England agrees with me. 😉

    but I do agree with you mike that this conversation should end. I tried to end it 2 days ago.. and i had no intention of responding to the conversation anymore until lurking and mharris stated out right lies… I had no idea that lurking reader was going to act the way she/he did. I just asked mharris a simple question and it turned into this.. that speaks volumes! lol
    end of conversation!

  45. Anyone else want to start a fund to send @commonsense to England? Seems like a viable option with one way tickets to uninhabited planets being so scarce these days.

  46. @lurkingreader: What part of mike south saying to stop this conversation don’t you understand? and now what? you are trying to bully me? LOL bullying doesn’t work on me! LOL
    You are quite pitiful indeed! 🙁 lurkingreader… against violence.. against women OUTSIDE the industry but FOR violence against women inside the industry! That speaks volumes about what you think of the talent!

  47. @commonsense

    Might want to scroll up….I responded to your initial tirade which was anything but a “simple question” and wasn’t addressed to mharris.

    This is just the latest of many faulty statements you’ve offered…which sums up how much reliance your opinions merit. As for your credibility… folks trust and believe you firmly stand behind the opinions you’re spewing.

    ” but I do agree with you mike that this conversation should end.”

    Seemed to me Mike was asking for an end to disrespectful personal attacks vs an end to the conversation.

    “I tried to end it 2 days ago and i had no intention of responding to the conversation anymore until”

    Ya know I did get the idea you were trying to put a lid on the can of worms you opened when you said ‘end of story’ and ‘end of conversation’ in the same comment.

    “lurking and mharris stated out right lies…”

    Yet the disrespectful insults continue. This is where I say put up or shut up…show me where I lied.

    “I had no idea that lurking reader was going to act the way she/he did”

    I make no apologies for challenging your comments or defending my own.
    If you think I’m misstating or mistaken then present something creditable to back your stance like a grown up ready to have a productive conversation about the issues you’ve laid on the table.

  48. I just glanced at what you wrote and I can smell the BULLSHIT a mile away! GIVE IT UP ALREADY! your credibility has sunk to an all time low! I haven’t disrespected ANYONE!I am just stating FACTS. I am sorry if that bothers you. YOU have disrespected me and now you are trying to bully me because I don’t agree with your bullshit! PLEASE listen to mike south and STOP already. Let’s just agree to disagree, k? I am embarrassed for you!

  49. @common sense

    Lmao….got called away before I could post…SMDH at your latest batch of insults.

    “You are quite pitiful indeed!”


    ” lurkingreader… against violence.. against women OUTSIDE the industry but FOR violence against women inside the industry! That speaks volumes about what you think of the talent!”

    This speaks volumes for your inability to respect varied viewpoints.

  50. Aww I’m touched…but please don’t concern yourself with shame for me where I feel none. I’m actually a big girl and freely chose every word I’ve shared or will share on Mike South’s site. 😉

    Though perhaps it is time to stop feeding the troll.

  51. Oh shucks! I was just going to go down to the bridge and feed the trolls that live under it. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  52. and I did try to stop this conversation 2 days ago… I had NO intention of responding to your lol comments 2 days ago BUT as I told mike that because you and harris was stating outright lies about me and the issue at hand which is why I responded again. I had to correct your bullshit. Now you are calling me a troll? LOL thanks for confirming that you ARE now trying to bully me because I don’t share your lol views.. You are violence against women.. especially when it comes to the women who work in the industry… I am not! You are for the pimp agents! I am not!

    Call me any name you like. lurkingreader! You are nothing but a bully. perhaps you should comment on TRPWL site. You use the same tactics they do when someone disagrees with them. 😉

    Have a nice day!

  53. aww harris. shouldn’t you be jerking off to a woman being beat up? and it was your buddy lurking that said you are a notorious bullshiter! LOL You have no credibility harris and YOU are a very sick man. GET UP! 🙂 psst I love how bullies have to attack in groups! such cowards! LOL

  54. Lurking IS FOR violence against women. and all of a sudden a guy she called a notorious bullshitter .. mharris… she is now agreeing with and they are trying to discredit me by bullying me. lol this is some funny shit! That hole is Huge now! hahaha

  55. Lurking reader and mharris are trying to shut me up! lol Why? according to mdxxx no one cares what I think or have to say? than why are you all trying to shut me up? lol actions speak louder then words! The talent knows who is on the right side.. ME! 😉

  56. @mharris

    Up to you but seems to me hungry homeless people might be more deserving than the trolls.

    BTW….if it seemed like I was calling you as a person vs your crazy ass business plan delusional and idiotic…I sincerely apologize. I hope you and everyone else knows I think you’re a charming codger. I use codger with all respect as a term of endearment for your advanced age.

  57. poor lurking reader! 🙁 she is so sad and desperate that she is now teaming up with a guy who is a nutjob who jerks off to women being tortured and raped and who everyone knows including lurking IS a notorious bullshitter.!! LOL .. but not that sad because pot calling the kettle black and birds of a feather flock together! eh? lol 😉

    now this time I mean it! I am ending this fascinating conversation that fascinated YOU lurking reader sooo much that you kept it going for 2 days due to you desperately trying to but failed… to discredit me! this was either deliberate because of an agenda you have or to be politically correct as not to offend someones delicate senses with the truth. whatever the reason … who cares anymore! unlike you I have to go to work I don’t have anymore time to argue with a’s been FUN! 🙂 Peace out!

  58. @commonsense

    I have no desire to shut you up.

    It is my right to ignore vs challenge the names, assumptions and motivations you’ve chosen to assign to me. It is my right to ignore vs refute your claims to be right according to England and performers. It is my right to ignore your claims that my opinions are wrong.

    It is my right to choose to vociferously debate matters of policy as well walk away if or when the topics at hand have been displaced and the debate disintegrates into personal attacks.

    Lastly it is my right as it is yours to choose where, when and how we exercise our right to Free Speech.

  59. It looks after leaving TRPWL Harris tried to find a home at PWL, I guess to plug Kink (Google his user name and pornwikileaks) but didn’t exactly get a hero’s welcome. Shocker, right?

  60. “All the agents are corrupt scum” ? That is quite a bold statement.
    Not all are I am very certain of this . I imagine a talent manager is a difficult task as a day to day operation. It is obvious to me there are many agents about these days. Some licensed while others are not and hide under the cover as a “manager” I bet some are indeed improperly licensed in accordance with the law as it was intended.
    Form some who states Shy Love is Licensed in Nevada, and all fees are improper if a talent was booked in California, Well this is a double edge sword for some, I say this because That would make her legitimate to book there in Nevada and Not in California as some say, Including one Attorney on twitter. Here is the problem.
    This would make the other agents licensed in California and scheduling scenes in Florida and Nevada Illegitimate or an improper act and thus not entitled to a fee, These Agents maybe very well be your Friends. Common Sense “yes you” or the lack thereof. I trust you do have some friends here. Perhaps My Platinum Provider or your friendly Review Board.

    In your Opinion are there Legal Escort Agencies or in General is there in existence Legal Escorting going on about that is Legal ?
    I ask this because of your own words or phrase
    “a dirt bag who runs an Illegal escort agency”
    Implying One Derek Hay could be doing this Legally and in his case He elected not to be in compliance.

  61. Well Well. What yah know.
    I agree with this..
    I try not to judge but ever so often something surfaces in which it is difficult to say silent.

  62. @I am the man from Nantucket: Yeah, we wouldn’t want to judge by stating the obvious truth because that would be politically incorrect! And you’re right. Sometimes something surfaces where it is DIFFICULT to stay silent. Glad you agree!

  63. By the way, here is a post that stoya wrote about a “bruise” she received from her ex boyfriend.

    It’s pretty obvious she is talking about that scumbag James Deen. This is a guy that not only works for but constantly sings their praises..HE LOVES THEM, IT’S HIS FAVORITE COMPANY TO WORK FOR! THEY BE AWESOME! So it shouldn’t be a shock that a a guy who works for kink would do something like this To his girlfriend in his “real life!” HELL NO!

    Well, I believe that Not only does this prove that Stoya needs psychological help but it also proves what a WOMAN HATER Deen is. But wait? It appears she gave Deen permission so that means that lurking reader and mharris thinks this is OK! This is just an awesome fetish! Deen was just born this way! He can’t help it! That’s just the way his brain is wired! I mean Deen shouldn’t be in jail or anything and how dare I say that stoya needs help. why that is downright bigoted of me! And to say that Deen HATES women? Say what? He LOVES them. I mean stoya gave permission he was only doing what she asked! He is an awesome guy! Sooooo sweet and caring! I mean no guy would think this is wrong…. Hell no! Does my bigotry NEVER end!
    Ps… You can jerk off to the photo Harris… She consented so it’s ok and so are you! 😉


  64. @commonsense

    No one disputes that people with a predisposition are prone to monkey see monkey do. Since I have raised over a million dollars and spent over twenty years advocating for women and children I feel qualified to say …your approach is dead fucking wrong!

    I also grew up when porn was filmed on 8mm, before Stoya was a glimmer in Gods eye and know plenty of women whose abusers never had access to I’m saying it’s time for you to get help to deal your unresolved issues.

    In 1970 my class mate survived being stabbed 17 times, her sister 28 times her brother was shot defending the sister and shielding three younger siblings trying to revive their dead mother….while I hid in a fucking closet with four more kids….you have no clue how insulting you have been to me because I refuse to jump on your judgmental wagon and choose to respect mharris bedroom privacy even of he shares it publicly. Because I choose to respect Stoya’s freedom to choose a relationship with an asshole who hurt her.

    I’m insulted because you have no clue how many girls I’ve held and arranged STD & pregnancy testing for when they got it in their head ditch their restrictive & over protective parental guidance for a thrill that landed them in their first flick….you have no clue how many were sent to counseling to address years of verbal abuse that ‘didn’t count’ cuz it wasn’t physical or sexual yet it still undermined their esteem and coping skills….you have no clue how many cards I’m looking forward to again this year from girls grateful for the hugs and acceptance that helped them choose a different path than porn to find the love they craved.

    To sum up fuck you and the horse you rode in on! And goddamn you if you call this politically correct cuz I’m not editing or filtering a fucking word!

  65. @lurkingreader: temper temper! Lol keep on spinning!
    Ps.. You have been insulting to ME because I refuse to jump on YOUR politically correct agenda. the fact that you are even defending this speaks volumes about YOU! But, you have the right to feel the way you do just like I have the right to feel the way I do.

    Oh, lurking? One of my points is that this is PROOF that the men who work for places like HATE women….and the women need psychological help if they think this behavior is ok

  66. Oh, and I’m glad you used the word ABUSE because that is what this is. They are just hiding behind the word BDSM.

  67. @commonsense

    Stoya’s articles are always a joy to read because they provoke thought and offer insight beyond my experience…even when she is promoting BDSM or no condoms in a commercial work setting as a performer right …this is my favorite article so far.

    She makes it clear she doesn’t want to be ‘fixed’, diagnosed or rescued and embraces her muckraker ways then goes on to say

    “The prior night I had asked for these bruises, said yes and please. My hands pulled the person giving them to me closer. I said thank you because I wanted them. None of the pleasure/pain spectrum activities we engaged in were unexplored for me, but my thoughts around them were.”

    HER thoughts had been unexplored…

    She makes no promise to change and offers no self condemnation for her choices yet she is advocating and encouraging her readers …women and men, peers and fans to explore their thoughts as well as their usual activities. Her message of embrace yourself ‘warts and all’ is powerful because when we accept ourselves ‘good bad and ugly’ it’s much easier to accept others.

    This seems much more productive to me than trying to prohibit or ban

  68. Huh? Hop/Rob Black, let me make this clear: I have never posted at PWL!!!!! If someone is using my screen name over there than those posts are on him/her, not me — even if it is a satricial attempt at humor by that person. Hop/Rob, you were in prison (probably getting assfucked nightly by some Aryan Brotherhood gang members) when the PWL scandal went down so you may not know this but Mike South and I both hate Donny “Donkey” Long with a passion and would not lift a finger to help him. If Mike thought I or anyone else participating here were also posting at PWL he would ban that person from here immediately. However now that you have posted here regarding my username and PWL for the hundredth time I will do that Google search so I know whether you are just a liar or if (since I last checked a few months ago when another poster here made a similar comment — which came up bupkis BTW) someone over at PWL has come down with a sick sense of humor.

    I just did that Google search — three posts come up, obviously not made by me and made to insult me.

  69. like I said , the fact that you are defending Deen and saying he did nothing wrong SPEAKS VOLUMES ABOUT YOU! The fact that you defend kink and say that vile company that treats women like shit but gets away with it because the performers consented? SPEAKS VOLUMES ABOUT YOU!
    and it’s pretty obvious that acworth pays people off to keep their mouths shut about what REALLY goes on and of course he covers his ass from lawsuits because of those ridiculous BULLSHIT before and after interviews…

    Now if any of the performers actually has the balls to speak out against kink…kink desperately tries to discredit them by attacking them.

    So for you to defend all of this shit and say that kink doesn’t promote violence against women even though sane people in the real world and countries like England say IT DOES! SPEAKS VOLUMES ABOUT YOU! And I know this isn’t a “politically correct” thing to say because it’s true! But stoya IS a very sick woman to think it’s ok for a guy to treat her like that so i am wondering what kind of childhood she had… I know that she did an interview where she said that her father watched one of her porn scenes.. THAT’S SICK… That statement alone tells ya about what kind of background she comes from…. EH?

    So To sum up this conversation….sane people that live in the real world KNOW THAT no matter how much politically correct spin or feminist BULLSHIT you put on it.. defending ABUSE? Defending Deen? Defending kink? IS sick and anyone who does needs help!

    By the way, the only people who seem to defend kink other then you and Harris are people who work there. 😉

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