Some shit is so funny you can’t make it up *** READER EMAIL

When applying for a job, sometimes you have use everyone you know to try and get ahead. I mean that’s what the experts tell you, right?

However what these experts didn’t count on is this girl from Atlanta.

A girl – who we will not name, as not to embarrass her … but this girl recently applied for a job as an assistant location manager for a wireless company. Who did they use as a reference?

This site

How does he know her you might ask? Well, she one time did a bukkake scene with him, for his website.

So this bitch thought hey I’m getting a job and need a reference … let me put down the name of the guy I did a bukkake scene with.

  • Interviewer: How do you know this Mike guy you are using as a reference? Are you close?
  • Girl: Oh yes, we know each other intimately.



The lesson for today, when applying for a civilian job, don’t use the guy you one time did a bukkake scene with as a job reference.


176660cookie-checkSome shit is so funny you can’t make it up *** READER EMAIL

Some shit is so funny you can’t make it up *** READER EMAIL

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4 Responses

  1. Well,
    1. You might be able to attest to her punctuality and presentability (before the scene)
    2. She’s able to put up with a lot to “get the job done”
    3. She’s got a lot of stick-to-itiveness, (especially after the scene)
    4. You might attest to her ability to work and play well with others.
    5. She’s humble (having put a bukkake reference down)

  2. Spawn, I tend to agree. If she only worked for Mike once he might not have enough experience with her to certify she can do those things on a regular basis. He can certify she worked for him once and she was either a good or bad “employee” that day and whether she can present herself professionally (no visible tattoos while fully clothed, isn’t ugly, natural hair color, etc) but that is it.

    As for using a porn reference on a civilian resume or CV, in the US that might not go too well. I will assume she was a US resident and applying for a US job since Mike films his scenes and lives in the US although admittedly the US porn industry has had at least three UK nationals in the past ten years. Peter Acworth is a UK national and performed up until about 2010, Sophie Dee is a UK national and performed up to about the last two years, Mona Wales is a UK national and is currently performing here, the industry also has had a Spain national in the past ten years, Briana Banks is German and has performed on and off since the late 1990’s, Rocco Reed is a foreign national from the EU (don’t recall what country) and IIRC Steve Holmes is Austrian and performs in both Austria and the US — all performing at least once in the time since 2007 (if you want to go back earlier a whole article could be written on foreign performers starting with Rita Faltoyano, Ben English/Derek Hay and Dick Nasty), so my assumption is rebuttable. I probably wouldn’t give two shits about a person having a porn past but many employers would — granted, I haven’t worked in an industry where it really mattered — I have had appreciable hiring authority or influence in two industries, banking doesn’t require a squeaky clean sex history as long as his/her criminal history is clean of financial malfeasance misdemeanors, recent unjustified misdemeanor assaults or serious threats of assault or felonies and logging certainly doesn’t require a clean sex history — with the logging business I did the paperwork and accounting and didn’t need any help (my father handled the actual physical labor end — I couldn’t wield a chainsaw if my life depended on it), anyone hired would have been cutting, skidding or loading trees which even a former ax murderer could theoretically do and we did hire felons to work for us from time to time.

  3. And this is why you should always be skeptical of this kinda story…she did work for me….as a PA and camera person.

    I contacted the company, gave her a good reference and she was offered the job but she turned it down and took a better one…with a local film company filming one of TV’s hottest shows in Atlnta…

  4. That is why I used the term “if”, Mike. Even if the report wasn’t entirely accurate it was a good jumping off point for explaining why someone should use people that actually know him/her as a reference on a resume or CV.

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