Did Shawna Lenee lose her Cams.com Contract?

In February of 2017, it was announced that Shawna Lenee was awarded a contract with cams.com where she would be performing live web cam shows exclusively.

Today we got a reader email saying that we should check out her twitter account, she removed the “Cams.com Contract Girl” notice on her page. Sure enough, the person was right. I did some further digging and while I can’t get an “official” statement from Cams.com, I was told off the record by someone who wishes to remain anonymous that they have decided it was best they part ways.

The RUMOR is that they received more than a few complaints about her online bullying.

Although Shawna Lenee doesn’t seem to directly address losing her cams.com contract on Twitter, she did make mention yesterday of creating a Chaturbate account.

I don’t know what is going on with Shawna Lenee. Recently she has been rather active in her verbal attack on others via social media, then she was found to be associating with a man who just got out of jail after being arrested on child porn charges and now this.

Maybe it’s time someone does a Shawna Lenee intervention.


177500cookie-checkDid Shawna Lenee lose her Cams.com Contract?

Did Shawna Lenee lose her Cams.com Contract?

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4 Responses

  1. lol shawna called you out on twitter for being a racist fuck for calling her out for being a cyberbully and being friends with a pedo not sure how that makes you a racist but still funny as fuck

  2. I hope whatever problems Shawna is having she can get them rectified. The fact that Cams.com let her out of her contract after only six months is telling but I don’t know on what side. What has been posted here about her the past month makes me wonder if she is having some sort of health issue (been there, done that myself).

    BTW, Mike didn’t even post that story that 33fucks discussed in his comment here. Kelli did. You can also bet your ass Kelli checked that story out six ways from Sunday before she posted it (granted so would Mike if he had posted it). I haven’t researched this further but someone mentioning (almost in passing) that it isn’t a great idea for a porn performer to be associating with a known pedophile (whether she realized he was a pedo I can’t knowledgeably opine on). If 33fucks’ comment is accurate Shawna should have told Kelli thanks for the information and told the pedo to go to prison and get castrated. She should then have told the sick fuck pedophile when he accepts responsibility for being a child molester/rapist and has himself turned into an eunuch so he can’t “violate” kids anymore she might consider talking to him again.

  3. Sorry but this one wasn’t me 😛

    I don’t know who does the reader email posts. Any of the writers could contribute to the post while in draft, but in the end, not sure who the person is responsible for posting them.

    My only connection to this post, was a post I made previously about DreamWalker and noted that Shawna Lenee was speaking to him. But that being said, I agree with everything written here 100%. You associate with pedophiles and you are in the porn industry, people are going to talk and damn sure not in a good way. 😛

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