Sandy Buns Writes

Mike —
This little fag Jules Jordan has no leg to stand on after you hit him straight between the eyes with your comments. He is an insane ex butt buddie of John Staglano, isn’t he? Why he doesn’t see the tube sights as poison to the porn business is totally lame.

I had to shut down my production in June of 2008. After putting up rent for  two months in the red. I knew that the dead man Buck Adams was truthful when he told me at the Powerhouse Gym one early morning about a secret meeting in February of 2008 Vivid had with a  group of producers and distributors. Later a former salesman of mine who now works for Girlfriends Films

named Moose confirmed to me the occurance of  the meeting and told me he was present!!! Basically they chose who the companies would be that could get paid for product and who would not. March of that year my receivables increased $32,000 on $46,000 sales. For at least four years the ammount never increased more than $6,000 in one month!!! The assholes like Hirsch, Ornstein and the rest of the flock had intentionally violated anti-trust laws. Gene Ross said to me ”No that has always been alleged by small producers ,but there is no evidence of it.”” But thats the way it goes.

Mike let them choke on their tube sites!! They deserve every wack-off that never pays for porn. They deserve to lose their Ferrari’s and Hirsch his Rolls. Let  the Adult Freind Finder steal  product and let the voyuers look at old product of the Wicked variety (condoms with Jessica Drake!!) Tube sites have vanilla porn—- no groups, nothing kinky or controversial.

I struggled for eight years to make it work. All the General Videos are crooks. Cleveland’s buyer Debbie Yoski or Joe Whatever never bought one piece of new release from my company. My MATURE series was a far superior product to both Channel 69 and Filmco. I told Debbie Yoski that one day on the phone. She knew I was right but  she still bought off Ami and Steve because I was not supposed to be bought from. Some twat named Rhondee Kamens sent me a letter requesting I donate to her “” Save the strip Joint in Ohio campaign”. I told her in writing of her Buyer who never bought one piece of my new release, she was silent and sent no response, after all I was not in their circle.  San Francisco and IVD would buy tons of pieces and not pay.

Fuck the distributors who are slow pay — You know Mike it was a hoot and good for some years, but when I play golf with young guys and offer to give them some DVD’s in the trunk of my Mercedez , they look at me like I am a dinoseur or some pervert. They all watch for free on the net.

Mike if we ever see each other again I will buy  you a drink—-Sandy Bunz

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Sandy Buns Writes

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  1. yes…interesting times we all live in. the old and wise become dinosaurs and the young and restless watch for free.

  2. Unfortunately, most business works like that. That is why Wal-Mart and Target get big and small shops close. This country is for big business and only big business! In my opinion that needs to change, big time. Several have told me that porn works the same way — the DVD business is reserved for the big players and the rest have the internet. I have not seen the porn tube sites and don’t even know their names (other than Brazzers because Mike mentions them) as stealing is wrong in my opinion. I do use You Tube on occasion as they have a strong policy on enforcing copyrights (and mainly use it to listen to songs and TV shows that are no longer available to buy — I understand that is quasi-legal). I wish that the songs on You Tube that I like were still legally available either for download or on disc, I would buy them rather than use You Tube to listen if that were an available choice for moral reasons (although listening to songs there is sort of like listening on the radio for free).

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