Reb and PGI Out of Business?

Looks like it, the numbers are disconnected…couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

ECVS now HERE According to the West Coast: (If that makes no sense read on)

ENCINO, Calif. – The East Coast Video Show has a new name and a new location, a response to changes in the home entertainment industry. This year the event will take place in Baltimore, Maryland on September 21 and 22, and will be called the Home Entertainment Retail Expo.

So to fix this almost dead show they are gonna rename it and move it 60 miles south? HELLO! Earth to MORONS! Nobody wants to go to Baltimore in late September, why don’t you just fucking have it in Juneau Alaska, at least the scenery is pretty there.

An Offer for Janine: From Jesse Capps over at

Hey South…

I feel very close to this whole Janine fiasco because if it wasn’t for her I may not be involved in this whole world we call “porn”…

OK, that’s maybe a lie. She sparked my interest in adult years ago but thanks to the likes of Jenna, Jenteal, Devon, Jesse Jane and others I would have got sucked in anyway.

Cheating is never a good thing, but the revenge afterwards sometimes can be. If Janine truly wants to get back at Jesse James, I’d be the perfect man. I I’d let her use me and dump me to the curb so she could prove her point. Her ex and I also have the same name…You know that kind of shit eats the other person up!

About the whole “doing a black man” thing…Hey, I’m black from the waist down!

Rock on South!


He is such a gentleman, to offer help in her time of need.

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Reb and PGI Out of Business?

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