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“South! It’s your old buddy Greg Steel here man how ya been? Just wanted to drop you a note and tell you that it is girls like that little red head that make me miss porn sometimes, and that photo is outstanding too. I always told you that you were the best photographer in the biz at capturing natural beauty in a minimal setting. Those other guys can use studios a harsh lighting and over done makeup but when it comes to capturing a girl’s natural beauty you are the best man.  I am well staying busy and keeping the porn past behind me. You always were a good guy, I have no idea how you lasted so long in that business. God Bless brother.”

Robert Writes:

“Good God man give us more of that Lindsey girl!  I used to come to your site for Kayden Kross, and no disrespect meant to Kayden but Lindsey now has my full attention. Does she write?  Do you have more pictures of her? Don’t hold out on us Mike”

Ok Robert, since ya asked….click the tumbs for a larger picture

karinalindsey1.jpg  lindseykarina1.jpg lindseylovehands2.jpg

The blonde in these pics is Karina Sinclair, former Sin City contract girl and close friend of mine.

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Readers Speak

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5 Responses

  1. Wow, stunning pics! Karina and Lindsey side by side.
    Lindsey is a phenomenal young lady.
    Not to mention the Finnish beauty Karina.
    Any chance to perhaps a double bukkake party with these 2?
    Now that would be the highlight party of ’09!!!

  2. Seeing Karina and Lindsey together gets me thinking many many things…..the only one I can actually print is “I gotta move to Atlanta!”

  3. Can’t get too much of Lindsey…not only is she stunning and beautiful (stunningly beautiful?) she’s also got a great sense of humor. I’m fortunate to have met her twice, and it was a treat in every way.

    She’s a star, and here’s hoping we see much more of her, soon.

  4. Allen….thank you for being so SWEET…it was a pleasure to meet you as well baby…it was a pure pleasure meeting all the guys and DEFINATELY a treat sucking all their cocks…but the only problem was there WEREN’T ENOUGH !!

    xoxoxo Lindsey

  5. Lindsey, please do another one.
    There will likely be many more guys in attendance to tremendous positive response from the legions of Mike’s fans.
    Maybe Karina can be there too for a double bukkake party.
    We can make this the ‘not to be missed party’ of ’09!

    (this will be my birthday wish this year 🙂

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