Reader Mail This Is Appalling

Hello Mike,
I usually keep my mouth shut…but this one disgust me to out this situation.
The crossover talent in question goes byxxx or xxx.
He was found by Brazzer’s Producer “Blake Brazzers”
Tyler Styles is known to throw sex/swing parties which “Blake Brazzers” met and befriended.
Tyler’s test came back “false positive” and was able to talk Blake into still shooting him.
He exposed 13 Florida Female Talent.
This is going to be a big lawsuit for Brazzers.
No wonder everyone is keeping this under wraps.
Everyone is just trying to save their jobs instead of doing the right thing.
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Reader Mail This Is Appalling

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  1. Who the fuck is Tyler Styles and can you prove he is a crossover or is this just more speculative reporting because quite frankly, it would be nice to hear some actual facts instead of just a bunch of speculative bullshit.

  2. If story turns out be true Brazzer got alot expaning to do. The facts in story are gone be ugley ones special if they turn out be true. It well blow big hole in porn indusrty word that doing ever thing provide safe work working environment for porn stars. Frist this not gone about be about if condom or Hiv test safer for porn it about those safty measure being out there some one or some porn company chose ingor use them cause big shitsandwich like this ever body in porn gone have take bite of when story breaks even more.

  3. Only half of everything posted on this site is even kinda true!! There is a lot more to the story…. My name is drug into all this mess and i know first hand whats going on so no one should feed into these rumors!

  4. @private1234 I second that. Rumor, gossip and scuttlebutt are one thing, but this is a very dangerous escapade in which much is at risk, in terms of the emotional and physical well-being of many parties, not to mention the potential legal and reputational consequences. I’m a free speech advocate first and foremost, but with that right comes responsibility.

    Imagine how it would feel to be involved in this, to be hamstrung by legalities and other responsibilities, and to be forced to sit back and watch people dragged through the mud. Imagine how the talent who has reportedly been infected must feel right now, for God’s sake. This person is not out there shooting scenes, nor is this party alleged to be out on RentBoy like Derrick Burts. Why do this? Why not wait until the testing is completed and the actual facts come in?

    Just because one has the right to do something, that does’t make it good or wise.

  5. Only trouble rumor is gone from adultfyi to mikesouth abcnews nbcnews there all report as true story not Rumor. Straight main stream media repot on rumor as true story so call Abcnew Nbcnews Cnn news rumor mongers . If this rumor to late stope becuase it out the and being looked at.

  6. Michael – Are you ever wrong about anything? Jesus christ man… nearly every post you act like you walk on fucking water. Take a look around at the business you are in.

  7. If it’s my tone that bothers you, then please feel free to skip over my comments.

    Regardless of what industry I discuss, or what audience I address, I am a professional and I have ethics. If having strong opinions and the courage of my convictions equates with “walk[ing] on fucking water” then call me Chauncey Gardner, or Jesus Tittyfucking Christ, or whatever. I couldn’t care less.

  8. “It’s never too late to stop doing the wrong thing.”

    You mean like hiring crossover performers?

  9. @DWB – You know that’s a hot-button issue. I’ll tell you what: I think that, at a minimum, all adult performers would be safer if the gay side of the industry universally employed testing for HIV and STIs.

  10. @Michael – You are right, it is a hot button but it shouldn’t be. Sane producers wouldn’t work performers who were shooting up and sharing needles on the set, even if they had a clean test. And what female model would allow a male performer to bareback her after watching him share needles with his buddy? None of them I hope.

    So why work a high risk performer who has sex with other men, and does so on the side of the industry that is the most relaxed about testing and is common to work with others who have HIV? It just doesn’t make any sense at all. It is reckless in every sense of the word. There isn’t a difference between taking a load up your ass and sharing needles. And I don’t care if someone does either, but they shouldn’t be permitted to work on the straight side of the industry.

    I also agree they should have mandatory testing on the gay side. It would probably clean out many of the performers, but that’s just the way it has to be IF people want to hire the same guys to work with girls. Otherwise, don’t work these guys. It’s that simple.

    Unfortunately, this will happen again.

  11. I totally and whole-heartedly agreed with DL’s opinions on where crossovers belong in the industry. It was his methods that disgusted me.

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