Raven Alexis Does Not Have Cancer Says Doctor hear it yourself


This is from a reader  I promoted it to a post because I think it pretty much puts it all to rest.


Wow, according to her ex-fiance, they went to the hospital for stomach pains in December, and the doctor found nothing wrong with her–nothing wrong with her stomach, no cancer in her liver, no cancer in her blood. The doctor apparently said she had psychological problems. According to the ex, Raven tried to cover by feigning joy–like, she was psyched that the cancer was now gone.

Now, if the ex is lying about that–then that is most definitely slander.

But when asked if she would *privately* show some medical records to anyone to just put this to bed, Raven declined, saying no one could force her to disclose any medical records.

I think the whole thing stinks to high heaven.



Here is the second report with Raven and her lawyer


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Raven Alexis Does Not Have Cancer Says Doctor hear it yourself

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5 Responses

  1. They say truth can set you free but in Raven case I think gone be case if cry wolf one to many time no gone beleave ever again wolf show up eats you.

  2. It’s interesting about accessing medical records. Donny Long had no problems doing that. It’s another lie and those children…she is not a single mom. I wish her exhusband whom she was with at the same time with Dirt Junior would speak the truth. I recall him being the income earner anyway so her webcam and escort plea to feed her babies is not 100% accurate. Furthermore, child protective services need to be involved.

  3. When the story first broke, with the hooker ads on TER (that were quickly delteted) and other stuff, I held back commenting, because I thought it might be the work of a disgruntled ex. Now, it seems more and more that she is nothing but a mental con artist who can’t look into the future further than the end of her nose. It should be fun though, watching the melt downs as this dogs her the rest of her career whoring on film and cam.

  4. I just feel bad for her kids. I mean, if I was being accused of heinous fraud like this, I’d show proof and put the whole matter to rest for good, for the kids’ sake. That she is so unwilling to show proof of her condition means one of two things: either she’s not worrying about how this will affect her kids, or else she just doesn’t have any proof because she made it all up.

  5. google raven alexis and terms like horror fetish necro snuff film

    SHE WAS FAMOUS FOR FAKING DEATH THROWS, before she was a porn girl, SHE WAS FAMOUS FOR FAKING SEIZURES AS SHE WAS PRETEND KILLED, she was verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry convincing that she was twitching, eyes rolling, eye lashes fluttering, drooling,shaking, the necro freaks loves to watch her fake her death….

    She was completely faking it

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