Quasarman takes Belladonna to task:

“Bella Donna…. I don’t know where to begin. All I can say is, anyone who gives this girl a job in the future should be brutally beaten with a bag of hammers. Her performance last night makes Alexandria Quinn’s Hard Copy performance of a decade earlier look like an infomerical by comparison. I shot Bella twice and at no time did she indicate to me that her “smile” was a facade. At no time did she mention that her deeply religious mother was disappointed in her. It was indeed difficult to ascertain her troubled history while she was yelling “fuck me harder you fuck!!!!” May Bella Donna be relegated to the only thing she is truly qualified for; collecting public assistance.”

My temptation here is to admonish Q-man in the same style that he admonishes others, but this time I am going to take the high road. He is wrong, plain and simple. This girl came into this biz as an 18 year old kid, she was seeking fame and fortune…I’d like to know how Quasarman thinks he would have fared with the ABC TV folks for even one week, much less two years. You can’t expect this little girl to know what to say and how to protect herself from these con artists for two whole years…all they need is 6o minutes worth of damning footage, I’m surprised it took em 2 years to get it. I suspect Quasarman could have given it to them in one drunken evening. So tell me Quaz just how do you think you would fare if they visited one of YOUR sets? Do ya think the phrase “Let’s suck some cock” would be given the same laughs on ABC that it gets on your set? We all share the blame for this, because we have no self restraint.

I can make one blanket statement though, if Nacho Vidal EVER struck a girl on one of my sets I will personally put his euro trash, scumbag ass in the hospital, and it won’t be a brief visit.

6960cookie-checkQuasarman takes Belladonna to task:

Quasarman takes Belladonna to task:

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