PASS FAILS and Who Exactly Is This Medical Advisory Board – Reader Mail

In less than a week after a performer tests positive for HIV the FSC/PASS had given the all clear.   No other person has been reported to test positive, which leads me to believe that the person who infected Cameron Bay has not been identified.  And you can rest assured that if a private contact of Cameron had tested positive the FSC would have immediately announced that she was infected in a private setting, not on a porn set. Of course the FSC already did this before a single contact person was tested, but what do you expect from the likes of Dianne Duke, Mark Kernes, and Christian Mann.

It is time to name these people on this Medical Advisory Board who have made this decision on behalf of the performers.  The performers have the right to know who is making decisions that have a direct impact on their lives.  What medical professional in their right mind would issue an all clear when many could still easily be within the window period of detection.    The Aptima test CAN get positive results within about 10 days, but that doesnt mean it will.  That is just the earliest possible detection.  This test is about 96% accurate at 28 days. Lots of people had problems with AIM, but there is no way AIM would have issued an all clear in less than a week.

Why are these people on this MEDICAL Advisory board anonymous? The talent have the right to know, and so does the California Medical Board!

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PASS FAILS and Who Exactly Is This Medical Advisory Board – Reader Mail

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    The PASS(fail) website says there are three doctors who gave the all clear. Who are they? They got some serious questions to answer, like how can you give the all clear when Camerons performer boyfriend has not got his test results back, and do these so called doctors even know that the 9-11 day window period for the Aptima test is just a best case scenario, not even close to a sure thing. Just go back and look at the timelines in 2004, where two of the three females tested negative after the window period, as did Darren himself tested negative after the so called window period.

  2. Dangerous ass shit. Who is the first one who is going to work with
    Xander and Oliver and all the other ones who have been exposed to
    all the other std shit? Who is going to step up and be a big time porno star and fuck on camera first and then go passing all the shit around?

    Stupid as they all are and Dope fiens, they probably will do it.

  3. Did anybody else notice that the indutstry ‘shut down’ for the Marcus syphilis situation lasted longer than the shutdown for an HIV positive performer?

  4. Dr Nick Riviera from the Simpsons must be one of them… “damn guys from the morgue keep calling me….”

  5. Yea, but everyone lost a lot of money over that. Those silly sods won’t let that happen again. The show must go on.

  6. You are correct. Rod Daily has been silent aside from Cameron Bay posting on his twitter. Even the idea of performing at this point is just plain fucked up.

    If we are going to get serious about testing windows then Xander isn’t in the clear nor is anyone who worked with Xander, Bay, Daily, or anyone who worked with those who worked with them.

    For all we know we have another Darren situation where more than one is infected and FSC is saying it is fine to shoot? What the fuck? It is too early to tell.

    If more wind up infected how will they spin it? Are they going to say that performers were infecting each other off set?

  7. Make a bet the next one will be
    Bigger and more victims.
    You got performers going to

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