One Of jules Jordans Former Customers Writes

Hi Mike,

I saw your write-up on Jules Jordan and couldn’t agree more.

Just to add to your story I started buying from him around 3 years ago mainly to list on eBay.  Being that I had a lot of experience on eBay I told him he should enroll in their program for stopping fakes/counterfeits that pretty much everyone with a trademark or patent participates in called VeRo by eBay.  I told him about 3 sellers mainly that were obviously bootleggers selling tens of thousands of his DVD’s per month.  I even offered to manage the program for him.  Nothing, no response, didn’t even care.

Then out of the blue a couple weeks ago he got mad saying me and some other sellers were selling his product to cheap.  Then he started going crazy on the eBay bootleggers (this is after 3 years of me harping on this with no action).  After all this for some reason he singled me out and told me I couldn’t sell below a certain price.  He claimed he would tell others too but never did so the long and short of it I dropped the line completely and told him I will liquidate it for whatever I want or he can write me a check to return it.  I don’t need the money and don’t have to eek out profits, if I want to bomb his stuff I can and I prepay for all my inventory.

Here is a typical guy that has no business running a company.  In the real world, where I have my other business, setting prices for your distributors is called MAP (Minimum Advertised Price)  Plenty of manufacturers do it and its a way of making sure the online marketplace is fair for everyone.  Its very simple, you need to sell for at least that price with no added freebies other than free shipping, and if you are caught going below once you get a warning, and twice you are out.  I tried explaining this to him but I think maybe it was beyond his level of comprehension.

He seems to get stuck on an “issue of the day” and get all hyped about it then moves on to something else.  Kind of reminds me of the mainstream media, everything is a big deal until its not anymore.

Anyways, sorry for the rant but just thought you would enjoy this story as a supplement to yours.  Feel free to run with it if you want, no love lost between me and Jules.  And this is from someone buying around 100k a year of his product.

By the way, I meant to write you earlier but you have been in our thoughts and prayers since the accident, hope you are healing well.

Take care man,

Thank You for taking the time to write me and relay your experience with Jules, He always seemed like a personable enough guy when I would talk to him but hell hat was ten years ago, he never did strike me as particularly bright but thats not unusual for guys in this biz either.  Many have told me that since Jules got successful, thanks to his buddy and former employer Paul Fishbein, that Jules has really turned into a prick….Oh well if he had good business sense he’d know bwtter than to let a 10K plus a month customer slip away in todays climate in porn…


122860cookie-checkOne Of jules Jordans Former Customers Writes

One Of jules Jordans Former Customers Writes

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  1. Jules…I’d say you just made his case. BTW when yo decide to man up and apologize to the industry for selling everyone out I’d be happy to run your apology….Say what you will about Mr Marcus but he was man enough to admit he fucked up what about you Jules?

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