OK I’m Probably Going To Catch Mountains Of Hell Over This One…But It IS Well Thought Out

Ban Rat Fights Too? (Frank Writes):

I called my proxy friend today. I refer to Neal Boortz as my “proxy friend” due to the fact that I’ve never really met him or talk to him for that matter. Well, except for the time I went to have him sign his book “The Fair Tax” for me. No chat though, just sign and move along. I suppose the other reason is, most mornings I’m listening to him rant about this or that. Today he was ranting about Michal Vick and dog fighting.

Boortz made the comment that he was having a difficult time reconciling his libertarian views with organized dog fighting. However, he admitted to leaning more to side of this sport being outlawed than to the more rational side of simply disapproving. This put me to thinking so I called to disagree. And to the front of the line I go. [When a caller calls in to disagree with Boortz that caller moves to the top of the line]

Now bare in mind, I only had seconds to introduce reason and this being my radio debut I probably didn’t do too well. But in a nutshell, here was my retort.

Boortz is wrong to agree with outlawing organized dog fights. As I mentioned to him, if M. Vick and friends were betting on rats fighting, you wouldn’t see or hear any big lamenting going on over it. So what’s the difference? And here’s where Boortz caves to “feelings” and/or public opinion. Personally I think it’s his love for his own beast that interferes with his rational thoughts. He actually stated on the radio that he would be in favor of a law to prohibit organized rat fights. Opposing it, on the basis of animal cruelty. Of course. I suppose it’d be bad for the psyche of “the children” too, if they were to hear of such a brutal practice. Well, he thanked me for calling and moved on. I suspect he knew I was correct and simply didn’t wish to admit it.

Rat fight

Now bare with me here and just consider this;

If you believe in private property and all the rights therein, and you recognize that animals of a lower intelligence level than humans can and are the property of humans, then you must agree that outlawing organized dog fights is WRONG. You may dislike the act and you may do whatever is within your ability to discourage others from participating. It is not however your right to forbid them from using their property as they wish. So long as it does not infringe on your individual rights. Incidentally, not being “offended” and all other such terms, ARE NOT RIGHTS.
We humans use animals of every sort in every way imaginable and we’ve been doing it ever since God gave us dominion over them.
o From sending them into space
o To locking them in cages so we can gawk at them
o We hunt them for sport, both leaving the carcass where is falls as well as dragging it home to hang on our walls.
o We create reservations for them. Both to protect the species from extinction as well as to provide luxuriant hunting grounds for those who dare not venture too far into the wild.
o We expend enormous amounts of personal wealth on them, wishing (and some believing) they will love us for doing so. Thus erroneously embodying them with human attributes.
o We breed them to achieve what we consider a more desirable species, shuning the original as inferior.
o Some of our more depraved brethren even have sex with them. It’s only a crime if you can show the horse didn’t enjoy it. I’ll let you look up the court case on this one, but I assure you it exists.

So why are so many people condemning Michal Vick for doing what has been done since the beginning of time and only recently outlawed? I submit to you, the primary reasons are; the erosion of private property rights and politicians pandering to the dumb-masses who “feel” rather than think.

Ponder with me for a moment;

If this is truly about animal cruelty, shouldn’t there be just as large an outcry for the other “abuses” perpetrated on other animals? Is it “fair” to lure animals into a trap designed to smash, starve, dehydrate or hold them in place for their throat to be cut or electrocuted? Since we’ve embodied them with human attributes (some even proposing giving them “rights”) isn’t it wrong for us to impose our desires on their propagation needs? (By the way, one can not give someone or some thing a “right”. One can only deprive others of their rights.)
As I submitted, if Michal Vick and friends had in fact been organizing rat fights, the only issue at hand would be the government not getting its take.

Rat fighter
As “unfair” as this may be. The simple truth is, this issue really has nothing to do with animal cruelty. People just like dogs better then rats, and I don’t disagree with that. I’d much prefer waking to a pooch licking my face than a rat chewing my ear.
However, I recognize dogs, cats, apes, gerbils, parrots, etc… ARE LOWER LIFEFORMS than Humans. They DO NOT THINK or have the ability to Rationalize and use Logic. ( O.K. I realize most humans are questionable here too, however they do in fact have the capacity. They have simply chosen not to use it in many cases.) Some have been domesticated for our various pleasures. ALL are dominated by mankind and are owned by man.
We as a capitalistic nation have agreed to accept the existence of person property rights. This DOES NOT mean the government has given us the right to own property. Rather just the opposite. Personal Property Rights Exist. We as a nation simply recognized that fact and forbade the government from depriving us of them.
Over time the weak minded and those who wish to control their fellows for their own benefit have slowly abdicated and usurped the rights of others. I suggest only that we should rationally consider our positions on ALL matters, particularly the small ones, as they are the foundation to the larger ones, before renunciation of further rights. Once abandoned only the most drastic measures can re-establish what belongs.

Bottom line? . Michal Vick is just another dumbass jock who played the part of jester, ultimately upsetting the kingdom with his disreguard toward the courts mascot. If he had trained and fought rats, his only crime would be the avoidance of Uncle Sams cut.

My advice to the future jock with more money and time than he knows what to do with and who has a bit of a Bad Boy streak but needs some good PR. Organize, train and fight Pigs, Boars, Hogs. Lets face it, people don’t really like them all that much. You hardly ever hear about a pet pig, except for Arnold Ziffle on Peticoat Junction and that was long ago. This will satisfy the underground gambling need you have by still not kicking up to Uncle Sam, the sadistic in you too. Pigs squealing for help sounds almost human. Best of all, after the fight when you slaughter the loser you can BBQ him and “Feed Da Poor”. Not only getting rid of evidence but helping your fellow man too. Just don’t charge him for the pork chops, that would counteract the whole good deed thing. So, what’s not like?

Just trying to bring a little reason to a problem before some damn politician jumps on the bandwagon and introduces a Bill to Outlaw Rat Fighting too. Just remember, “The Sleep of Reason, Brings Forth Monsters.”



310cookie-checkOK I’m Probably Going To Catch Mountains Of Hell Over This One…But It IS Well Thought Out

OK I’m Probably Going To Catch Mountains Of Hell Over This One…But It IS Well Thought Out

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