Nudity on The Big Screen Turns 80 Today:

It was the Communist doctor and playwright, Friedrich Wolf, who had the inspiration for the project.

“In 1920, I wanted to make an educational film for physical education classes in schools. I wrote an outline, in which I attempted to show the development of gymnastics from ancient physical culture to modern physiotherapy and sport,” Wolf said after the war.

A few years went by before the film was actually made. “Ways to Strength and Beauty” was one of the first full-length culture films and was an immediate box office hit. The film featured a mixture of gymnastics exercises, sport routines and the reenactment of historical Roman scenes. The premiere, on 16 March 1925, was celebrated by the public and the press alike.

R J Writes:

Hey Mike,
I enjoy your site, keep up the good work. A few comments:

Im shocked you didnt mention anything about fridays 20/20 interview where sharon mitchell takes full credit for halting production of porn after the hiv scare. She acts as if she is mother theresa and of course the bs piece they did on her made her out to be.

Love the fact that you are not afraid to go after the blatant douche bags such as rob black, kurt lockwood, pretty boy fag that was engaged to tabitha stevens.

Thanks Man, The reason i didn’t go after the 20/20 bit was because I was with a hot girl in Mexico Beach and given the choice…well 20/20 loses out everytime.

At this point in time it’s abvious to anyone with good sense what a fraud Sharon Mitchell is. Anyone who believes otherwise simply has his/her head in the sand.

So Far Nobody Has Copped To:

Being able to name 3 other Vivid Girls in 10 seconds.

Nothing To Report In Porn:

Rob Black is still a scumbag.


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Nudity on The Big Screen Turns 80 Today:

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