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Just so you know, most skydivers don’t look at the sport as “cheating death,” but rather as a moment in time of complete freedom. Yes, a chance of dying is what we are willing to risk for that precious moment, but, beyond the first few jumps, it is more of a moment of Zen rather than a crazy adrenaline rush that we experience.

There is a gentleman at my Dropzone who suffers from MS. He has said that only when he is in freefall does he feel no pain and his body does what he wants it to.

For me, skydiving is like meditation and after a day of jumping, I can see everything a bit more clearly. While it is definitely not for everyone as it is a much more mental than physical sport, I hope that you don’t completely write off giving it a try.

Nicole Sheridan

First of all I want to publicly state how much respect I have for Nicole and Voodoo they have accomplished something almost no other couple can, they have survived this business as a couple, Tim and Felicia have done it too, most don’t so let me start with that you guys deserve kudos because there are few things in life that require more work and more true love and communication. You are an inspiration.

I completely understand and didn’t mean it to come across that way at all. I offshore fish for the same feeling. I guess what wasn’t clear was that for me, specially at this juncture in my life, that would be my motivation, and I say that from experience because I spent most of my life doing exactly that. Had I started skydiving at 25, 30 or even 40 I would probably feel very different. Indeed one of my very best friends on earth enjoys it as I mentioned, despite the fact that out of nine jumps he landed in a tree once and broke both ankles once, His 4th and third jumps respectively) I admire him though because he didn’t let it own him, he went right back up and did it again.

Many consider SCUBA diving to be cheating death, to me it isn’t, it’s my zen. I’m weightless, I can fly and I can see a world that is alien and largely untouched.

Particularly in this industry I admire anyone who has a hobby that doesn’t involve drugs, caverject, viagra, trannies, laxatives, Ipecac or steroids. Even moreso when the hobby is done outdoors.

Thanks for pointing out though….I hate to come across as preaching unless I’m intending to preach, besides If I could tandem with Nicole hell I’d prolly do it every chance I got.

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Nicole Sheridan Writes:

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