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Nice Work South,

You break a very big story late on Friday and now XBiz and AVN are behind the 8-Ball because they can’t run anything on the story without referencing you. It seems that lately you have become the most trusted source for industry news and insight, good for you for that. Xbiz or AVN might consider retaining you write big stories for them. Just wanted to say nice job on this man.

Thank you, really I am only as good as my sources and they have learned that they can trust me, thats what it comes down to. They have learned that with me off the record IS off the record. As for XBiz and AVN….ya I played that well huh? LOL and I doubt either would offer me anything because it would be under the condition that they couldn’t spin it. Not even sure if I would even consider it anyway. Thanks for the props man, this story will have an update tomorrow.

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Nice Work South – Reader Mail

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  1. Here is something interesting:

    Pornography to be blocked by major internet providers in UK unless users opt in for adult content
    30 Jun 2013 22:37

    Eight million households signed up to Sky, Virgin and TalkTalk will receive “clean” internet, unless users tick a box asking for access

    Pornography is to be blocked in millions of homes in a bid to make youngsters safer online.

    The move comes as it was revealed porn would also be banned from public wi-fi spots, with major firms signing up to provide a “clean feed”.

    Under the new measures for households, web users will have to specifically request “adult content” from their internet providers.

    By the end of 2013 more than 12 million households signed up to Sky, Virgin and Talk Talk will have to tick boxes when they apply or messages will be sent to existing users making them decide if they want a “clean feed” or not.

    Parents will also be able to block porn from every device connecting to wi-fi in a home, with one click.

    The online protection will cover all computers, games consoles and *hand-held devices accessing the web.

    Sky has 4.4 million users and Virgin Media provides the internet to 4.3 million homes across the country.

    A spokesman for Virgin Media said: “With the new technology we’ll be introducing this year, all customers, new and existing, will choose the level of parental control that is right for them.

    “It will apply to all devices and gadgets that connect to the household’s internet.”

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