More Info on Scott Sparks – Thanks Readers


I really like how everyone got together to share info and get it out about this manc
This is XXX. I said I needed to talk to you some time ago on Facebook and you told me to email you when I’m ready. I have personal work related things (which is a lot) to talk about, but for now I would like to talk about this Scott Stephens person in Texas.    Let me first say thank you. Thank you so much for the information you gave on Scott Stephens. I first heard about this guy about a year and a half ago. It’s people like him who has made it hard on others. Being a long time reader of yours for 9-10 years, I should of known to let you know about this guy.

This is the info I have on this guy:
If my memory serves me right, this same guy pissed off Greg from Black Magic with his lies to females saying Greg uses girls and cheats them. Among other things I don’t recall right now. So you might want to talk to Greg. And perhaps Angel from  XES who has had Twitter comments from Scott.Scott sent industry related photos to a just starting female’s regular job that got her laid off.  He also uploaded her photos on a escorting site without her consent nor knowledge.

He has emailed aspiring females from another females accounts as if he is her.

He has told companies about a female arrest record in hopes to get the company not to book her. Or he’ll tell them that she has HIV.

He  has booked a female with Score. I’m guessing he used a website email in doing so, not a direct email. I say this because when  the female was asked who booked her she give the name Scott. Three times they responded with who?

The contacts he has from what I’ve been told is [fax] (214)614-4911 . [international] (972)292-7145 . [office] (800)539-4560

>Hope this information helps.

88470cookie-checkMore Info on Scott Sparks – Thanks Readers

More Info on Scott Sparks – Thanks Readers

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