Mark Kernes Writes:

What’s fascinated me is, I get Religious Right “news” screeds every day, and every one has at least some shit about gays — and recently, they’ve been touting some video they made about people who *were* gay but were “cured” (which as far as I can tell never happens; either the “cured” ones are bi and have just decided to avoid fucking the same sex for a while, or they’re gay and have just decided to stop having sex with their preferred sex. And then there’s their “ex-gay” poster boy, John Paulos, who was caught a couple of years ago trying to pick up guys in a gay bar in D.C.) (The RRs claimed he just went in there to use the bathroom. Yeah, right!) Anyway, the point is, if the RRs are so sure they can cure gays, why wouldn’t the Cheneys have signed up Mary for the treatment, or even talked about how she should sign herself up for the treatment?

As for your point about the RRs following the Bible regarding their treatment of homosexuals and homosexuality, that simply isn’t the case. I quote Leviticus 20:13:

“If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.”

Seems pretty clear to me: If a gay man has sex, you’ve got to kill him; God said so. But to be fair, verses 10 and 11 of the same chapter require Bible believers to kill adulterers (verse 11 is particularly cool since it specifies motherfuckers); verse 12 requires the same with regard to guys who fuck their daughters-in-law — and for all those farm boys who’ve fucked chickens and heifers, there’s verse 15.

See? Religion CAN be fun!


BT Writes:

One hates to bring up politics on a porn site, but here’s the hypocrisy:

Mary Cheney is an adult. She ought to be able to take care of herself. After all, she is a paid employee of the Cheney campaign.

More importantly, she has been part of the public debate about gay rights, and particularly gay marriage for four years. Who put her there? Her father.

In the 2000 vice presidential debate with Sen. Lieberman, Cheney was asked what he thought about gay marriage. He said he had a gay daughter. He said he believed that gay people ought to be allowed to enter into any kind of relationship they choose, including civil unions (which the right opposes in, say, Vermont where they’re legal). As to gay marriage, it was a state issue not a federal issue. Again, 2004.

About a month ago, after the constitutional amendment failed in both the House and the Senate, Cheney and his wife, were giving a speech during a visit to one of the swing states. He was asked what he thought of gay marriage. He and his wife — both of them — said they had a gay daughter. They believed she ought to be able to enter into any relationship she chose. They were against they gay amendment, but the president sets the agenda. And, I believe, their daughter was on the stage with them.

At this year’s presidential debate, Cheney was asked about gay marraige. He said he had a gay daughter. She was in the audience. The camera showed her. He said he was against gay marriage.

In at least three very public events, two of them being nationally-televised vice presidential debates, Cheney has linked the fact that he has a gay daughter with his understanding and views on gay rights.

And yet Kerry is supposed to be a man who will sink to a new low by linking gay rights to someone else’s kid?

If the vice president hadn’t put it in play, it wouldn’t have been out there.

He used it for political advantage then, and he’s using it for political advantage now.

I feel better now.


And Steve Writes:

Well said Mike. Bush didn’t have a good debate. He’s trailing in OH and PA. If Kerry wins those 2 states and Bush’s done. So they have to make Kerry look like a bigot. It is imperative that people not be lazy on Nov 2nd. Get out and vote. Heck, many states have early voting which starts today. There’s no excuse and anybody that bitches after Nov 2nd, I want to see their voting receipt. As an aside, it is very important that it doesn’t come down to Florida.

And Asmodeus Writes:

Hypocrisy is pandering to the gay community in the first place, making us their special little pets they can parade around to show everybody how tolerant they are, then use us to throw shit at Bush and Cheney.

And note the pronoun.


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Mark Kernes Writes:

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