Lisa Ann Goes On The Record

 Well I TOO can release an official statement.. and here goes…

 Sure LATATA and anyone else can imply that I did not have the information I needed to make such claims, but can they prove me wrong? If so, I would be thrilled. Thrilled to know no one in the industry I love so much is sick. That is not what anyone wants for anyone that is here.
 Too further address the fact that I am not privy to the information of someone elses health records, you are correct. But I am privy to common sense, I am also wiling to apply that common sense to satisfy my own research and to protect myself and the health and well being of MY business.
 It was not difficult for me after hearing some talk in the business and then getting to actually see the outside test come in to my phone, i knew I got asked to work with Alex Gonz for a reason. A reason much larger than a scene. The reason was to do my homework, which I did. My first phone call was to Derek at LA Direct Models, I asked him some important questions. First question was “Derek, do you let your talent work with Talent who have tests that are NOT from CET or TTS” . he said “NO”. I then asked why he would have one of the Male Talent that he represents through his agency, that is active on his site, testing at Lab Corp. Derek tried to deny it but then he went on to mention there was an issue about it on another set, but he wasn’t sure what it was about …
NOW I CALL BULLSHIT.. Derek knows everything that goes on on every set because thats how he watches his money. So Please don’t try to pull that with me. I have been in the business longer than Derek, and by the looks of how this is playing out, I will be in the business a lot longer than him too.
 Rightfully so. For those of you who read the Statement from Derek on XBIZ, he states the industry does NOT require a clean Hep test in order to shoot.
WELL HELLO Derek, thank you for admitting you knew about this. You came clean in your own, round about way. You are guilty, but since the Industry doesn’t require a clean HEP test, as you said, you will keep Alex on your site as available to work in sex scenes.
 What I do want and need is, for those who are more worried about money than  the health of the industry to get shut down. If you are an agent and you are allowing you talent to go to set with a Test from a Center outside of the parameters of the Testing Centers we all go to, well then you are wrong, and more so, you need to be shut down. If you are trying to say it is ok to work with a test that proves you have an illness, but you state that the industry doesn’t require you to be clean of HEP, well you are a sicker mother fucker than even i ever imagined. Like being the largest illegal PIMP and pushing your girls to escort and be in unsafe situations off set. Now you want us all to be unsafe on set as well.
 Don’t anyone forget that I worked at LA Direct Models for a year. I learned a LOT that year. I have enough information to do what ever i need. But that would do nothing for me.
Protecting this business does EVERYTHING for me.
Thank you,
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Lisa Ann Goes On The Record

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  1. She better be careful about talk like that (I learned a LOT that year. I have enough information to do what ever i need) does not come back to haunt her. There some sneaky dangerous MOFOs in porn and I would hate to see her disappear.

  2. Karfman, you watch to much tv. This would never happen to even the lowest of the lowest rung performers, let alone Lisa Ann. She is one of the very few proven money makers still in the industry, and there arent many. She knows she can say what ever the fuck she wants and she will still get as much work as she can handle.

  3. So easy to picture! Derek gave Alex a solid by PERSONALLY deciding to turn the other way and ALLOW Alex to spread Hep C for the love of money and money alone!!!! This situation REQUIRES a FORMAL investigation, and any performers who have worked with Alex Gonz need to step forward and press charges and DEMAND JUSTICE!!!

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