LATATA Releases A Statement On Hep C


Derek Hay


August 12, 2013

Statement of Information:

LATATA Acts Fast on Adult Industry Hepatitis C Allegations

Currently No Evidence Supports Allegations Made by Adult Performer Lisa Ann

STUDIO CITY, CA – A recent allegation regarding Hepatitis C in the adult industry has caught the attention of the Licensed Adult Talent Agency Trade Association (LATATA). Taking the public allegation made by performer Lisa Ann very seriously, LATATA is launching its own investigation by pooling the resources of its combined agencies.

We find the allegation about an active performer being positive for Hep C to be very serious, but currently we have found no evidence or information to support the claim,” says LATATA member and Adult Talent Managers, LA (ATMLA) founder Shy Love. “We are not privy to any test results confirming the alleged positive results.”

On Sunday, August 11, Lisa Ann posted on her Twitter page about her cancelation of a scene with a veteran male porn performer after she concluded he was positive for Hepatitis. Currently, Hepatitis B or C tests are not part of the standard adult industry panel, and no studio requires a negative Hepatitis B/C test result in order to accept a performer as cleared for work.

In June 2013, Talent Testing Services (TTS) voluntarily provided Hepatitis B and C tests during that month at no additional cost to performers. Cutting Edge Testing (CET) soon followed suit, providing Hepatitis B and C tests for approximately two weeks, during the month of June.

In light of these very public allegations and the concern that will result for many performers as a result, LATATA has reached out to TTS, which has kindly offered to reinstate the complimentary testing to all adult talent during the remainder of August.

TTS President and CEO Sixto Pacheco states, “With the safeguards of the talent and industry in mind, we are partnering with LATATA to offer complimentary screening for Hepatitis B and C in conjunction with the basic panel tests from August 13 until August 31. This offer will be good at TTS facilities through California and Florida.”

TTS will also double the frequency of its laboratory tests for Hep B and C, which typically only run on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The labs will now run tests daily, along with the tests on standard panel, so there is no delay in returning results.

Each agency comprising LATATA is reviewing its talent bookings and advising precautionary Hepatitis tests at TTS in the next few days for its clients who worked with the male performer in question.

As pointed out in Lisa Ann’s allegations, the male performer was listed as “unavailable” according to the Free Speech Coalition’s Adult Performer Health and Safety Services (APHSS) database, however APHSS clearance is not typically a guideline most studios use to book talent. Adult industry studios more commonly consult the test from governing testing facilities TTS or CET, presented to them by talent.

No matter the results of the test, and regardless of the current protocol and procedure, if the performers know they are positive from any strain of Hepatitis, they should refrain from work,” states LATATA member and owner of Direct Models – Derek Hay.

In regards to Lisa Ann’s assertion, I do have to wonder how she knows the male performer’s Hep C test is positive,” continues Love. “Is she privy to private medical information? LATATA is not, and as a result, cannot yet confirm or deny the news unless the performer comes forward and voluntarily agrees to provide this information to us to confirm or disprove her allegation.”

LATATA is recommending the male performer immediately test at TTS to address the allegations and remove any element of doubt.

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LATATA Releases A Statement On Hep C

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11 Responses

  1. “Currently, Hepatitis B or C tests are not part of the standard adult industry panel, and no studio requires a negative Hepatitis B/C test result in order to accept a performer as cleared for work.”

    What the heck was the purpose of Hep testing performers anyway if a clean test isn’t required by the studios?

    Is that like saying you can voluntarily (not mandatory) get Hep tested for your own personal reason(s) but you can still work because the studios don’t care about your results?

  2. LATATA..we all no that all ready before u put his out.
    Now what are you going to do about the Spiking which is dangerous and using all thse crossover boys and what about help guiding the
    talent towards LAWSUITS that will wipe out the agency; LA Direct
    FSC, (STUPID CLOWNS) and the Production company and probably Gov. Jerry Brown and Senator Mike Gatto? What about really helping your talent out and stop BULLSHITTING that you are a Caring, loving BLOKE!

    Too much Bullshit and that All LA is about. Bullshit.

  3. Is this the same Derek Hay that charged Gabriella Paltrova $1000 in kill fees because she did not want to work during the moratorium last year?

    So I just got charged by my agent $1000 for canceling a scene today because I care about my health. Porn is ultimately unjust. I quit.”

  4. Were nit privy to OUR talent’s
    HEP. Is shy love really full of shit
    Or what? Your their fucking aft
    Your practically own them!
    Another stupid east coast cunt.

  5. Derek Hay blocked the gun with the baby in this comment!!!!! “Currently, Hepatitis B or C tests are not part of the standard adult industry panel, and no studio requires a negative Hepatitis B/C test result in order to accept a performer as cleared for work.”
    OMFG!!!!!! Whether studios REQUIRE a negative test result or not is not the effing issue!!!! The issue is KNOWINGLY letting him WORK, KNOWING HE WILL PASS ON AN INFECTION!!!!! Somebody figure out how to put Derek in JAIL for KNOWINGLY letting that asshole (he obviously doesn’t care about the talent he infects so he’s an asshole!!! ) work KNOWING he HAS Hep C!!!!!!! Derek Hay!!!! Thank God you were STUPID enough to post this!!!!! You sociopaths crack me up!!!!

  6. One question and one observation.

    Question: The industry has been dealing with Mr. Marcus then Clover, who is cleared, and now Gonz for the past few months. Does anyone believe these are the exceptions – that is, wow, nothing like this has ever happened before? My guess is that it’s just now getting attention because of the debate over the condom law and STDs.

    Observation: A few months ago, I wrote in a post that while porn stars would like to think they are becoming more mainstream and accepted, the fact that OSHA, departments of health and the authorities close their eyes and let the industry act without regard to the health and safety of workers tells you everything you need to know about how you’re viewed – you’re on your own, authorities don’t care enough to protect you, even when the evidence of bad deeds is on film. You want to know if Mr. Marcus had sexual relations while he had an STD? Just go to IAFB. They’ll lock Mr. Marcus up for DUI because he could’ve hurt the public; they don’t care if he worked with syphilis because the potential harm was only to other porn workers. Lisa Ann understands that.

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