Kirt Points Out An Error:

I’m just an outside observer who discovered your web site while following up on stories related to the HIV outbreak in the porn industry.

According to AVN “30 days or more have passed since Skyler Banks, Persia, Jocelyn, or Annie Cruz worked with James.”

However, according to the AIM web site, Skylar Banks worked with Banks on 4/8 and Annie Cruz worked with James on 3/24, which suggests that 30 days have NOT passed since Skyler Banks and Annie Cruz worked with James (which makes their test results meaningless?).

Interestingly, according to the AIM web site, Persia and Jocelyn worked with James BEFORE James worked with Laura Roxx, whereas Skylar Banks and Annie Cruz worked with James AFTER James worked with Laura Roxx.

Of course, it is possible the information on the AIM web site is not accurate, but I thought I should point out this contradiction.

Thanks and you are right, thats what I get for taking AIM and AVNs word for it I guess. Good show man and thanks again for pointing that out.

Good News For a Change: (From hardcoregossip)

I have just gotten word that on May 1st, at the Spearmint Rhino in Arcadia, the Adult Industry Assistance Fund(, created by Jenna Jameson and CJI, are helping to sponsor a benefit, featuring THE RETURN OF BLONDAGE. For those of you not in the know, Blondage is the legendary team of Janine and Julia Ann from Wicked Pictures. The two have not performed together for quite some time, but will be showing off their stuff for the benefit. Dyanna Lauren, one of the owners of the club, will be donating the space for the night, as well as all proceeds and the door.


Also appearing will be Wicked contract Stars Stormy, Kaylani Lei, and Jessica Drake.


Details are not in yet as to whether or not Jenna will be on hand, but sources near her claim that she is trying to clear her schedule for the event. Also unconfirmed are Vivid megastars Briana Banks and Sunrise Adams, who may take part in the charity event. There are also more girls that are being considered for the event to be named as the date grows nearer.


I was told that since the club is topless, there will be liquor available there, which I like the sound of. This is shaping up to be a great event.


I confirmed with Michael Raven and Julia Ann and found out that the event is happening. My source wanted me to get the news out that companies inside of the industry were doing something for the talent, and that they were not considered “disposable” to everyone.


The AIAF was created by Jenna Jameson and her husband Jay of Club Jenna in response to the current moratorium on production due to the HIV outbreak in porn. This fund, regulated by talent, serves to benefit not only adult performers, but CREW as well that have been affected by the work stoppage.

Ya know this is the kind of thing I like to see my hats off to everyone involved including Jenna, Stormy, Jessica, Kaylani, Janine, Julia Ann and everyone else.


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Kirt Points Out An Error:

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