Kernes Protests the War:

from AVN:

Well, if you’re like me — Mark Kernes — at 1 p.m., you’ll be at the corner of Hollywood and Vine, about to march to Sunset and LaBrea to protest George W. Bush’s war on Iraq.

Mark in the spirit of these war demonstrations most of the demonstrators are getting naked. I would caution you about behiving in a like manner. There are some things that even the most liberal first ammendment interpretations wouldn’t support.

George is selling it all wrong:

OK y’all I got to thinking, ya I know that’s dangerous, specially in porn but it happened. I am one of the guys that thinks it’s high time we rid ourselves (and the world) of this petty little fucking tyrant Sadam Hussien. I could go into the geopolitical reasons why this move is a necessity but I am gonna put into words that porners can understand. The way you rid the schoolyard of a bully is when someone finally says OK enough is enough and has the balls to whip his ass. If you had a committee meeting about it and waited for all the children to unanamously vote to whip[ his ass he will remain the school bully forever. Someone has to put his foot down. Putting the little fucker in “Time Out” aint gonna do it.

Now we are on the brink of kicking this little bullies ass and the bedwetting Hollywood actor types are pissing and moaning all over the place about us going to “war with Iraq”. Personally I think that actors and actresses should keep their fucking mouths shut unless they are reading dialogue, I mean what possible qualifications do they have that people actually give a rats ass what they think about a political issue?

But that isn’t reality, so whats President George to do? Here is how he should handle that. Commision the Environmental Protection Agency to find some furry, round eyed rodent that Sadam is killing in testing or manufacturing of these weapons..VIOLA! He now has the support of the liberal left.

I mean even the most liberal of left coast bedwetters couldn’t turn the other cheek while Sadam cruelly kills the endangered round eyed, furry, desert gerbil, OK well Richard Gere might not see a problem with it, but the rest of em would.


Happy Valentines Day:

Just to gve this site some scientific or literary value, I will give you the history of this Holiday.

As with most Christian Holidays, Valentine’s Day is actually a celebration patterned after a pagan festival. Lupercalia was a festival of purity and took place on the ides of February, (February 15) to honor Juno, the Roman goddess of women and of marriage and Pan, the Roman god of nature. The name February comes from the Roman word februa which means to purify.

Lupercalia gets it’s name from the wolves that raised Romulus and Remus, the founders of Rome. According to myth they were raised in a cave on Palantine Hill. Lupe means wolf.

During Lupercalia goats and a dog would be sacrificed. Goats because Pan had hooves of a goat and the dog because no shepherd should be without a dog. A shepherds primary responsibility was to keep wolves away. Young men would chose partners for the festival by drawing names randomly from a box. These partners would then exchange gifts as a sign of affection, and they would remain partners until the next Lupercalia or until they were married whichever came first.

The Catholic church in 496 AD, by declaration of Pope Gelasius, gave Christian meaning to the Lupercalia festival by changing it to St. Valentines Day, In honor of two Saints Valentine.

The first was a priest who lived in Rome during the 200’s. he was jailed for aiding persecuted Christians and was beheaded by the Romans in about 270 AD on Palantine Hill at the site of an alter to Juno. His remains are buried in the church of St. Praxedes in Rome.

The second St. Valentine suffered a similar fate. He was a bishop of Terni, about 60 miles from Rome. He was persecuted for converting a Roman family to Christianity and was also beheaded in Rome around 273 AD.

Valentine’s Day became popular in the United States during the Civil War. We celebrate the occasion in honor of the people that we love. We often exchange gifts and other tokens of affection. Valentine’s Day is a pagan holiday in the United States in that it is not a religious holiday.

Metro on the Ropes:

Word is that in thier exuberance to re-staff Metro hired a lot of people without a clue of how the adult biz works, and they are now a month behind in their release schedule. No PR out of Metro, no nothing. Don’t count em out yet though Kenny Guarino has enough cash to float the company forever if he chooses to do so.

Some quotes from my Interview at

What did you want to be growing up? I don’t remember “Adult Film Director” being on the list at my school’s job fair!

I wanted to be an astronaut probably more than anything else, then later on I decided I wanted to be an electronics engineer. I ended up leaving a job at NASA in computer engineering to be in porn.

What’s the next trend in adult films?

Considering there isn’t anything that people in this business will not do for money it makes me shudder to think of the possibilities. Consider there are people in the biz who are physically abusing girls, slapping them, making them vomit, pissing on them, making them cry, doing dirty ass to mouth and these are just a sampling of what you can find at your current video store.

I think the next trend in adult is going to be to shoot what will keep our asses out of jail because we can’t seem to exhibit any self control so Washington DC is gonna do it for us.

What part of the industry is the most misunderstood?

Easy, The pay…everyone thinks we make all this money…we don’t. Second would be the girls, they really are the kind of girls you want to take home to mom and dad’s for Christmas, assuming, of course, that mom and dad are hardcore swingers who find talk of double penetrations and genital warts fascinating.

What’s your take on the ABC Primetime special on the adult industry?

They took the worst they could find and they exploited it, no different than what a lot of porners do actually. ABC did what they are paid to do, anyone who actually expected them to present porn as a viable alternative to a Hollywood career for an eighteen year old Mormon girl from Utah is dumber than the audience who believed that what they saw on Primetime was an accurate representation of everyone in porn.

Bella Donna-A kid from what amounts to “Pigsknuckle Arkansas” when she isn’t being abused by porners or her boyfriend she is being abused by ABC and Diane Sawyer.

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Kernes Protests the War:

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