Jules Jordan In Denial?

(Apparently Jules has been aware of Brazzers connection to tube sites for a long time….I guess the old saying is right, money changes everything. But at what cost to our business?)

South…Thank you for taking on Jules as maybe now he’ll make you Public Enemy #1 and not me.

As someone who has engaged in a war of words with Mr. Jordan over the past year or so…allow me to tell you how this is going to shake out.

Jules Jordan can not be reasoned with. Why? Because he’s in denial. No matter how much evidence you submit to show him what everyone else already knows, he will deny it. He’s like a Holocaust denier. It doesn’t matter to him that there’s an overwhelming amount of evidence to show that Brazzers owns Pornhub, Keezmovies, ExtremeTube, etc. It doesn’t matter to Jules that reps from Brazzers have contacted studios trying to get them to advertise on Pornhub. It doesn’t matter to Jules that studios that gave Brazzers content for their VOD site suddenly saw those same videos appear on PornHub.

Evidence doesn’t matter to Jules Jordan because Jules Jordan is in denial.

But let’s examine just why Jules Jordan is in denial. First of all, you need to know that Jules has an ego so fragile that the smallest criticism eats him alive. Need proof of this? Go to ADT and notice that when there are tons of praise and compliments for Jules…he says nothing. Yet when someone takes issue with the smallest detail…Jules comes out of the woodwork and he comes out swinging.

Another reason Jules is in denial is that his association with Brazzers threatens to taint his legacy in our industry. Jules Jordan calls himself a “legend”, he actually made that statement on GFY. I don’t think many true legends actually walk around calling themselves legends, I would think that most are a little more humble or even know the meaning of the word humility, but not Jules. Jules is so used to having his ass kissed all over this industry that the idea of anyone daring to question his standing is inconceivable to him. This is a perfect example of “believing one’s own hype”.
Keep in mind that our beloved “industry standard” AVN wouldn’t dare call into question Brazzers and/or Jules actions. After all, Jules is entrenched deep with his Philly buddy Paul Fishbein.

So here’s what’s going to happen South. Jules is going to continue to deny your claims of Brazzers connections to tube sites. Then when you present him with proof like http://www.takedownpiracy.com/2010/0…ube-sites.html, he will just call you a “stalker” and make himself look like more of a douche. I originally wrote that article over a year ago. Jules was never able to refute a single point I made. He just dismissed me as a “stalker”.

What Jules is going to do next South is he’ll start leaving comments on your blog trying to make himself feel superior. However, due to his complete detachment from reality and his terrible spelling, he’ll only end up making himself look like more of a douchebag. If you post on ADT, or post here, he’ll try to derail your thread. It’s his desperate attempt to win people to his ‘side’, but he’ll just wind up being his own worst enemy. No one was able to convince more people to agree with me than Jules’ own words.

Oh and should you see Jules Jordan at a public event and try to bury the hatchet, he’ll show what a petulant little child he is by ignoring you and sending over his heavy to escort you away. But don’t worry South, anyone who’s had the chance to get to know Jules Jordan has learned that he’s a paranoid, controlling, egomaniacal little man.

My advice would be to not feed the troll, and I’m not just calling him a troll because he’s 4 foot tall.

All of you who asked for proof, click the link in this response and its all there in black and white. Ya you too Jules.

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Jules Jordan In Denial?

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