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Hey Mike

Wanted to update you on the latest here at the store. After pulling Jules Jordan videos off the shelf and putting them in sell through at the end of January, we took a look at the the sales numbers, paying attention to the people who most often rented his product.

We didn’t lose a single customer, but the big surprise was that our revenues increased on those customers. Instead of renting one JJV title they were now renting two or three titles, they seem to prefer Elegant Angel.

We had not considered this, but customers will rent more videos if they aren’t so long. We started culling the rental shelves of everything much over two hours in length except some staples like “Pirates”, and sure enough our revenues have increased by about 15%. That helps out on the ROI because we had to pay as much as twice as much for these videos from Evil Angel, Jules Jordan Video and the like but we had to rent them for the same price.

You are right man, karma pays off, we did the right thing and saw a nice profit in doing so.

Hope you are well bro.

Glad it worked out good for ya, goes to show we don’t need douche bags like Jules Jordan and Brazzers anyway, BRAVO!

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JT Updates Us

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