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I must have a mental problem because I am writing a response at 3:31AM and convincing myself that it is a needed break from my late night work prepping our big movie Flight Attendants starring a number of high profile girls including the lovely Kayden Kross.

I always laugh when I read about criticism of PR in the porn business because normally everything I read that is bad are things that I have done. I am guilty of just about everything Mike wrote including quoting myself (often) but I stand before all of you and dare you to find consistently bigger selling adult movies than the ones we make right here at X-Play. Who the fuck really knows what works and what doesn’t when it comes to promotion but I can tell you that when Flight Attendants comes out in September it will outsell just about 98% of the movies that are released this year. Not the Cosbys XXX is already at a pace that is bigger than the first two Brady Bunch pornos and it has only been one week in release. The truth is that there is really not much ‘news’ when it comes to porn and you have to manufacture it in anyway you can including using the latest quotes from Will Ryder or some dipshit on YouTube calling for a boycott of Cosby porn. As far as I am concerned Will Ryder could be an idiot but he’s also a great sex-comedy director and he never fails at giving a great quote. In the end it’s all about the sales and we should enjoy them before they are completely over in two years. What do you say Mike?

I was talking with the lovely and talented Miss Kayden Kross just the other night, when she called to tell me that reading my PR bit made water shoot out of her nose. This is relevant because I commented to her that I really shouldn’t have left out Jeff Mullen, because he has single handedly created a dynasty and a brand that is recognizably his.

Kayden and I both came to the conclusion that this wouldn’t be necessary because he would find a way to inject himself into the story.

Glad you didn’t disappoint us.

You see Jeff you are a bit of a horse of a different color, as we say down here in the south. You only PR that Will Ryder character, and of course, Jeff Mullen, who just so happen to be one and the same. But you are good, even when you praised Hillary Scott a few weeks ago it was a thinly veiled PR move for you.

Which is actually all OK because when it is yourself you are pimping you damn well better believe yer the best, otherwise why would you expect anyone else to?

There was a time when A-dell was the gold standard but even she has fallen to a distant second.

If I could chose one person in porn to PR me, it’d be you. See I have had quite a few responses to that post but none from any of the morons the post was aimed at, (well I did sorta get one via IM) but you, Jeff Mullen, got an entire post dedicated to your response.

Testament to your ability.

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Jeff Mullen Writes:

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