Jeff Mullen Goes On The Record


Thank You Jeff for allowing me to run this, you are more diplomatic than most but you get it.


Dear AVN Friends,

I am looking forward to the AEE expo and the AVN Awards Show in Vegas.

We all understand that times are a changin’ but I have to voice my rare
displeasure with AVN for your award for Best Free Porn Site (or
whatever it is called)

Yes, free porn is here to stay and we all have to adapt to a new way of
doing things or get out of the business, but the way free porn got here
and the destruction it has caused the adult movie industry including
AVN Magazine and my company X-Play makes this award feel
like a wound that is getting salt rubbed in it. I love AVN but
maybe it would be more palatable next year but this is too soon for
much of your core supporting companies to have to sit and watch a site
like Pornhub or YouJizz or other win a trophy.

I know you have other internet awards that are given to companies that
have free porn sites but I think the word ‘free’ is what is opening
this wound for so many.

Yes more people worldwide are watching porn than ever before because of
the free sites but to actually glorify the concept of free at this
moment (regardless if old school companies are now offering free porn
as well) is a slap in the face to those that have built this business
over the decades. I think they deserve more respect than that.

Everything changes, life and business is one big cycle and nothing
remains as it is and we evolve but this award is hurtful and very
distasteful to many at this time.

I still love you guys but I have to grimace at this one.


Jeff Mullen
All Media Play Inc./X-Play/Will Ryder Productions

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Jeff Mullen Goes On The Record

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2 Responses

  1. I applaud Jeff being diplomatic write about issue. How ever this writen so weakly on matter that I see more pat on back for Avn than that very stupid of you for doing so. After reading Jeff words would be suprise if Avn does same award next year. If read letter ebd he told them they have done awseome job that loves them. He makes excuses for why Avn does what did.

  2. Its so sad that a talented guy like Jeff Mullen, feels he has to tip toe around AVN. An org, who really has nothing anymore but conceived power.

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