Jakodema Ousts RobbieD From Digital Playground

Word I am getting from sources at Digital Playground is that long time Director Robbie D is all but out at the company.  Word coming off the set is that Demetrios Kokozos  aka Jakodema now directs everything for the company and considers himself untouchable.  No permits, no condoms, and no fear of Cal-OSHA.

Thats very interesting because indeed DP is one of the few companies in Porn valley with no OSHA fines.

My source tells me that wont last with how things are operating. Seems James (as he calls himself) is something of a control freak and he wants the fame and glory that wasformerly had by RobbieD and Joone…but he wants it without earning it.


103890cookie-checkJakodema Ousts RobbieD From Digital Playground

Jakodema Ousts RobbieD From Digital Playground

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7 Responses

  1. That really sucks about RobbieD , Mike He is a really damn good
    director and that Jackoffderma is a piece of greek shit.
    What do they got Mike Moz doing over there which might be
    as little as possible since he is really just a industry hanger-on,
    since Stormy Daniels, kicked the shit out of him and they split.

  2. Mike, does DP still have contract girls?

    And Robby D. sucks, but some assclown from Europe isn’t much better.

  3. Makes you wonder if jabroni is gonna make a cash grab and disappear once the fines start coming down the pike.

  4. LOL what an idiot. MIke Moz has not been at DP since 2012. He’s been a PM for the last couple of years. I guess that shits on your theory of him being a “hanger-on”. Why dont you go ahead and dazzle us with more of your insider knowledge.

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