Jacklyn Lick Takes On Shelly Lubben:

Hey Mike,
I got an add request from this woman on myspace, maybe you know of her, maybe you don’t.   But, I found her profile to be a bit insulting, disturbing, and possibly misinformed.
Here is her profile…..


I just want to say for the record that not ALL pornstars are addicted to drugs and alcohol, and have a ton of mental medical conditions that require lithium, prozac or any other number of legal pharmaceutical drugs.
Also for the record, during my time in the porn industry……….. and I still have my toe’s dipped in it, I’m just not living in LA anymore………. I WAS NEVER ON DRUGS!!!!   Guess what……….. I’M STILL NOT ON DRUGS!!!   In fact, I am very strict about nutrition, diet, and never even drank alcohol.   It was just in the last couple of years that I discovered I really enjoy red wine, and began making my own.
During my time in the industry, I also taught kickboxing, health and fitness, personal training, as well as worked for several companies doing internet marketing.   I’m the only child in a very functional family.   I come from a very excellent family, and my parents have been married for almost 46 years now.
People don’t do drugs BECAUSE of porn …………….

Porn is not the CAUSE of drug abuse.   If you are going to do drugs, you’re doing it because you are unhappy.   Porn never made me unhappy.   In fact, it released all sorts of great seratonin, dopamine, endorphins and other awesome neurotransmitters that are quite pleasurable into my brain.    🙂

If people have a propensity to being addicted, then, it’s in them, not in porn !   OH GEEZ…………. where was that gun that they held to my head anyways?   And who was holding the gun ?    I wish people could just take responsibility for themselves and hold their heads up high, and say, “Yeah, so what, I did porn” and not try blaming it on the ‘devil’.    The devil did not make me do porn.   I take full responsibility.
I mean, if people took responsibility for their actions, maybe all those priests wouldn’t have blamed the devil for all those children they molested.  Don’t even get me started on organized religion!   🙂
Ok, sorry for that quick rant, but, I knew you would understand.



19090cookie-checkJacklyn Lick Takes On Shelly Lubben:

Jacklyn Lick Takes On Shelly Lubben:

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