It’s time for Talent to take a stand, and that starts today. – Reader Mail

By Anonymous
So here we are. A week after Diane Duke lifted a moratorium and told all you wonderful performers it was safe to go back out and work. And here we are today with a third HIV positive. Twitter blowing up, everyone freaking out, deja vu.
My family has been in the adult business since the 60’s. My dad wrote a check to John Holmes in the late 80’s to help him start the first adult industry testing facility so before you say I don’t know what i’m talking about, i do. I own my own company now in the business. I shoot, I distribute, and I watch every day as the industry slowly falls into a ever increasing sinkhole.
It is time for talent to speak up. Don’t let Diane Duke control your health. Call for her to go away. You are the talent. You are the majority.
FSC, PASS, Christian Mann, Diane Duke, and Dr. Miao sent you all out into the desert with no water. They don’t care if you live or die. As long as they make their six figure salaries they could care less what happens to you.
I am calling on all talent to make a stand here, today. Do NOT test with Cutting Edge Testing. Test with TTS. TTS has long taken a stand as being their own entity. They are detached from FSC and PASS, the way it should be.
Whoever just tested positive (and I pray for them) life is NEVER going to be the same and that blame falls on Diane Duke, FSC, PASS and their “Medical Advisory Board”.
If all talent goes to TTS and TTS makes a stand against APHSS/PASS and the FSC we can make a stand against the group of people who irresponsibly told you that it is safe to shoot and exposed yet another one of your colleagues to HIV. You could have been Cameron Bay, you could have been Rod Daily. This is porn where 1 degree of separation is an everyday thing.
Please talent, get mad, take a stand here. This is your health, your safety, your future. The people telling you shit is safe could care less about your health.
82490cookie-checkIt’s time for Talent to take a stand, and that starts today. – Reader Mail

It’s time for Talent to take a stand, and that starts today. – Reader Mail

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  1. I don’t disagree, but do we know this happened on set? There is only so much that can be done if people are being risky off set. Maybe this was caught as soon as possible. I’m just playing devil’s advocate. This is obviously the latest in a string of bad incidents.

  2. All of this is a bunch of BS first off TTS isn’t there own entity, there still a part of PASS. And all everyone does it put down PASS, Diane Duke, CET, the Medical Advisory Board and anyone else that’s trying to make a difference. Oh and by the way TTS there Dr Darcy is part of the medical advisory board too. So the anonymous person trying to get people to make a stand, get your facts straight.

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