It Is Well Deserved – Reader Mail


DWB Sums it up bluntly.


I think it’s fair to say that no one wants MORE government trying to control any aspect of their life. We are all adults who should be able to make up our own minds about everything. However, the problem is the adult industry isn’t able to take care of itself in any capacity, thus the need for a government baby sitter. Of course the new baby sitter won’t stop the baby from falling down and getting a boo-boo, but it will be in the room and possibly try to prevent the child from running around like an idiot in the first place.

If the industry was responsible and actually put the health of the performers first, they would not be in this situation. Instead of your infections getting swept under the rug, bribes, lies, performers given a false sense of security, incomplete testing, inept and corrupt organizations trying to control everything, and generally people who care for nothing other than money, even if it comes at the cost of the health of the performers. This is why you are going to be regulated, and it is well deserved.

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It Is Well Deserved – Reader Mail

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  1. Yep! and if they would have kept the Crossovers and guys that worked Bi-Sexual away from the straight scene’s away, and didn’t allow certain LA and Miami talent agency to push there Crossover Male talent into those sets, we wouldn’t be seeing those Measures and or situations occuring and putting the HEAT on the Industry.

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