Is The Industry Offering Money to AHF to Back Off

This insider says they are…..

From XXXInsider

It’s no secret to anyone in the jizz biz that the industry, as it now exists, is on its final legs. The current economic situation, which has affected every industry, along with the growing piracy, has all but killed the industry. Now enter the Aids Healthcare Foundation, and OSHA, and the final nails are being driven as we speak. While many in the porn industry blogosphere, and industry “news” sites like AVN are claiming to be winning the battle, they couldn’t be further from the truth. The success of the most recent obscenity prosecutions isn’t helping the industry either. And by the looks of everything so far, it is almost assured that John Stagliano, who has lost every motion (as ridiculous as they have been) will certainly lose, if not take a plea.

But now to the heart of the matter. RUMOR has it that several adult companies have offered to make substantial donations to the non-profit Aids Healthcare Foundation in return for them “backing off’. There is only ONE reason they would do this, and we all know what that is. They know they are going to lose, and lose big time.

RUMOR also has it that LATATA (also a target ot AHF) is forbidding any of their talent from attending the upcoming hearings. It is well known in the industry that any current performer who comes out publicly in support of better working conditions can kiss their ‘career’ good-bye. The “Plan” as it is known to those participating in it is to buy the silence of the AHF and keep the performers quiet. You will notice that nobody, not AIM, AVN, XBIZ, or anybody has even published the dates of the upcoming hearings. Like always, they want to keep the performers as uninformed as possible. Their goal is to make sure that no “stake-holders’ in the industry show up at these hearings. The “donations” to AHF are to ensure that they too do not show up at the meetings. (Is that what AHF was after thew whole time?) With no ‘stake-holders’ present, they hope that OSHA will vote to NOT amend the 5193 statute.

The “invite” only meeting last week was one for the ages. It was more like a bunch of petulant children whining about not getting their way, than a meeting of some of the most prominent players in a multi billion dollar industry. If this is the best they can come up with, then the end is certainly near. Only time will tell, and that time is coming very soon. The interesting thing was that not all the members of LATATA were invited, Why do you think they did that?

Another funny thing, RUMOR has it that the amount offered to AHF is more than they have ever given to AIM in almost ten years….I wonder how Sharon Mitchell fells about that? I wonder why AVN hasn’t reported this.

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Is The Industry Offering Money to AHF to Back Off

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