Is AVN Pirating As Well? Reader Mail

XXXInsider Writes:

I noticed your post today about the problems at AVN.
Here is an interesting story for you that is related.

AVN has long been in bed with Bill Fisher, aka Cezar Capone.  He has been producing the red carpet for them for years as well as the replay of the awards show on Showtime.

You may be interested to know that they have also done other deals like this nifty little movie being distributed by Pulse Distribution

I wonder how many people who own the actual scenes in the movie ever got a dime for the release of this movie?

My guess would be none.
And by guess … I mean … for sure.

Even more interesting, do they all even know that Bill Fisher is making money releasing their scenes on this compilation DVD, branded as an AVN product?

While I understand that some studios who did know about this DVD release didn’t want to make a stink about their content being hijacked because they didn’t want to make waves with AVN and risk future nominations but in the end this isn’t really an “AVN” product, never was.  It’s 100% Bill Fisher – he is after all the one who kept all the money for sales from this movie.

47360cookie-checkIs AVN Pirating As Well? Reader Mail

Is AVN Pirating As Well? Reader Mail

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  1. You might wanna re-read that DB Capone DID release the entire scene…and its created a BIG problem, seems there was NOT permission from at least one big company….there’s gonna be more on this coming.

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