Is Atlas Multimedia Bailing?

I got this email today:


Atlas Multimedia owner Don Osterholt stop paying his affiliates in mid October and heavily rumored to be moving to Panama to escape any future prosecution. We are talking several million in re-bills as they refuse to answer office phones with voice mail is even too full. 818.280.6000
Atlas runs sites for a lot of girls in the biz like Jenna Haze, Amy Reid and Tori Lane
They also run company sites for companies like Zero Tolerance, Third Degree and Diabolic.


71020cookie-checkIs Atlas Multimedia Bailing?

Is Atlas Multimedia Bailing?

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  1. Ummm ya no. I think you are confusing the two companies.

    Atlas Multimedia doens’t run the Jenna Haze, Tory Lane sites, that is Premium Pass. Atlas Multimedia is the guys who ran the Racquel Darrian, Sunrise Adams site. Actually long long ago Atlas used to run Tory’s site but like with all the other girls, they created the site, never did any updates and paid the girls pretty much nothing saying their sites never made any money. But anywho, Tory Lane’s site has been with premium pass (as with Jenna Haze) for a long time now.

  2. do more research, Mike. Removed account is right. Jenna Haze’s personal website is maintained by Premium Pass. Atlas Multimedia just markets a lot of old performer content but the performers never see a dime in returns. Seriously, Mike. You should know better…

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