In Summation and this sites Effect

Brandon irons wrote me thanking me for allowing him to have a voice here, I wrote him back and said no it was I who should thank him.  He sent me the following sales graph illustrating what he called our platform, this coincided with a DVD royalty check he got for 51 dollars  Heres the graph  I removed the sales numbers because thats proprietary but the ratios are obvious.



As you can see his sales way more than doubled, this pleased him and it pleases me as well  I appreciate it when you guys need or want a product and you get it from my advertisers.  I want to say to Brandon and everyone who contributed…Thank You!  And the real beauty  I helped him make more money in one single day than he made in months on DVDs…

In summation everyone keyed on some important things, the most important of which I think is the relationship with the customer.  More on that in a sec.

What all of these guys did, myself included was to find a “niche”  in marketing it is called a vertical market.  The key to finding a niche is understanding it.  I learned a long time ago that if you try to shoot for a niche that you don’t understand, you are simply wasting time and money.  I thought hey….bondage…how hard can THAT be right?  tie girls up…easy.  Then I tried it.  Is it any wonder at all that it didn’t sell, I had no idea that the appearance of the knots, the color of the ropes….everything was important, it was an epic fail but I learned…go with what you know.

I discovered bukkake actually by accident…I did understand the facial niche, but I was hesitant to do a bukkake site because it felt too exploitative to me.  Debbie Leigh actually changed my mind, we were doing glamor photos and stuff for fun and when I mentioned the idea to her she jumped all over it, she said she would love to be “in control of that many cocks”.  I hadn’t thought of it that way, but she insisted and thats how was born.  To this day part of my interview process is designed to rule out girls that hate facials, yes I know there is a niche for that, but that isn’t in my comfort zone so I leave it for others.

As it turned out it worked for me, Brandon, Sam38G, Jeff and Krystal Orchid all pointed out similar experiences and that is the teachable moment.

When I made DVDs and VHS I was far removed from the consumer, even though I had a PO Box for people to contact me and later an email address I didn’t have a lot of customer contact.  The way porn worked then (and still does in Porn Valley) was  I shot and edited a video.  That video was then given to a manufacturer, say Elegant Angel.  Elegant angel made deals with distributors like IVD, GVA and metro Home Video to take product.  IVD GVA and Metro Home Video then sold the videos to Retailers who then sold/rented them to customers.  I got paid a percentage of the sales dollars to IVD, GVA and Metro, but I didn’t get paid until Elegant Angel got paid.  IVD was the best paying of the bunch they usually paid ninety days past due.  Metro was the worst, they paid 270 days past due and 1 in 3 of the checks would bounce.  They didn’t care  everyone and his brother was making porn they would intentionally try to starve you out.  Not to mention the would return unsold product for a credit so they would make a deal to take 8000 pieces, then they would return 7000 of them   meaning that they bought them for a quantity 8000 price which would be substantially lower than the quantity 1000 price…you get the picture.

And the real kicker is that these guys were the good guys…the bad ones would establish credit, run for about 3 to 6 months then bankrupt without ever paying, two weeks later a new distributor would pop up with the same owners.

My point here is that with clips4sale the ONLY middleman is clips4sale, they handle the credit card processing, some degree of marketing and they pay, on time, like clockwork.  To the customer there is the illusion that they are doing business directly with you, and to some degree that is correct because you have the customers info, you can email them, thanking them, or offering specials for good customers…In other words you have the ability to build a relationship with the customer and that relationship translates into dollars because they are buying from someone they like, and that someone is engaging them in a way that it furthers the customer experience, the customer  trusts you, and that is money in the bank…everyone here so far mentioned it.

I will be writing more on all of this and I am sure you can expect more from performers doing it themselves, its a win win win and I am very happy to be shifting a lot of focus off of the traditional Porn Valley methodology and onto this one.  This is where the real money is and I want to be a part of that.

Keep it coming y’all

Love you long time



140100cookie-checkIn Summation and this sites Effect

In Summation and this sites Effect

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  1. 270 days past due with checks bouncing? That company must have had lawsuits being crammed up their asshole on a daily basis. I know the credit unions I worked at we didn’t wait 270 days to sue a delinquent debtor (I wouldn’t have allowed it unless the account was in bankruptcy where I wouldn’t have had control over the situation).

    BTW IVD still exists. I wonder if they still pay three months past due or if they had to clean up their act to stay in business. Either way the method of business these distributors practiced in those days sounds like they learned to do business from porn’s former resident scumbag Rob Black.

  2. Cheers, Mike! I appreciate the mid-month boost and it was a welcome surprise to wake up to the best day of the month in sales after the post appeared on your site. I’ve been a loyal reader for years. Thank you!

  3. Sineplex did the same thing. Did not pay girls until they went on twitter and other social media to bitch they were still waiting to be paid thousands of $$$ in owed money. Then the parent company of Sineplex (Legal Porno) went and made sure the girls got their money. No excuse for not paying the talent.

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