How Big Of A Deal Is The Condom Ordinance Really

As I look through the current AVN Magazine I notice that of the top 50 sales and rentals one company dominates.  Wicked Pictures.


Wicked even had the number one selling and renting title in the country and it’s an all condom company.  This leads me to think that at least at the high end, the whole condom thing isn’t even an issue in terms of revenues.  I can see where it might effect sales of the basic all sex videos but those are getting hit hard anyway. one guy even wrote to me and in his email he stated that he was a long time fan of porn but that the proliferation of violence and “consensual” rape scenes had more of an effect on his quitting porn than condoms would have.

I hear that a lot actually, even today theres a thread on GFY about it:

Mr Peabody Writes:

Living a life of a pornmeister I, like most of you, “get to” (oh joy) watch seemingly endless hours of raw, nasty fucking. WooHoo! Except….well, I see some of the same shit over and over again that I CANNOT STAND TO LOOK AT ANYMORE so was just wondering if others felt the same way about some of these:

* Bald guys fucking. i do NOT want to watch some Nazi skinhead gym/roid fag pound some girl as she pretends to just “love it”.

* Cumshots on the face. I know, how can someone complain about “the money shot”? Well, the girl usually jumps off the stunt dick so quick to “get in position” that it looks fucking ridiculous. Besides, some of these dudes need to jack it forever just to cum, after endlessly fucking like a machine. So isn’t he just masturbatingon a chick? Ridiculous.

* Green couch sex. (Okay, ANY “bright colored” couch). The scene starts, we see a damn UGLY green couch, and boring mechanical sex. PLEASE get some new sets.

* Slapping, punching, choking, violent sex. I consider these scenes, where the guy is basically abusing the girl, ‘consensual rape scenes’ and I find them disgusting. Most ‘adult performers’ need to get angry (and/or drugged up) just to do these kins of scenes and, again, they make me sick.

* Let’s see how many dicks we can fuck. Line ’em up, fuck the shit out of a girl…again, looks like consensual gang rape to me. And all those guys, dicks out, waiting to be serviced is totally gay to me.

* DP – c’mon people. This is ‘freak sex’. Let’s see how many cocks (or objects) we can stuff inside some holes. Gross. And guys: you basically have another dude’s cock right next to yours or some dude laying on top of you. Gay.

* European anal sex. It’s so common it’s uninteresting. The same European/Russian girls moaning robotically as they take a giant cock up their poopster. These girls don’t even know they’re being fucked half the time as their minds just ‘check out’ (Czech out? hehe) and I find the sex boring as fuck.

* Facial abuse. When i get a blowjob I want to feel it, enjoy it – not ram my cock down some poor girl’s mouth til she cries, gags, bleeds and God knows what else. Again, consensual rape and it’s disgusting.

* Casting couch scenes. Either there’s an endless supply of gullible dumb-ass whores out there (okay, probably) or people can be entertained by the same repetive shit forever. Watching the same boring “audition sex” on a fucking black leather couch, over and over again, is amazingly boring.

* Girls waving good-bye after a scene. Okay, we’ve just used and abused you as a sperm dumpster for twenty minutes, every hole is stretched out and you probably want be able to walk for a couple days, and there’s a gallon of cum dripping down your face, and you were just hit, choked, gagged and called a ‘fucking worthless whore’, so smile and wave to the camera! Hi Dad!

Out of 45 responses to the thread only 4 disagreed with an part of it. the consensus being that porn, from a fans perspective, has just gotten too formulaic, too acted, and has no connection to reality.

As one fan put it: “yes porn is about fantasy, but it has to be a part of that fantasy that I feel like a guy like me has a shot at that girl.”

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How Big Of A Deal Is The Condom Ordinance Really

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  1. With all this whining about what people DON’T want in a video, how about a thread about what they DO want?

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