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Bad ass Frank says,
“As of the writing of this particular chapter, the government has
attempted to force some regulation upon the industry, and failed.
So, if a smoothie shop gets a poor health rating, you will not be<
able to drink their delicious smoothies until they rectify the
situation. However, you can absolutely drink semen out of a young
pornstars butt, regardless of her rectal situation.

Very bad analogy.  So bad, in fact, that it makes the rest of his logic suspect, even when it makes sense. The Smoothie shops is serving drinks to the public, and the public expects there to be nothing unhealthy about it. A porn performer isn’t buying a product he/she thinks is safe. The better analogy is the one used by the permitting company that refused to grant AHF’s request to stop issuing porn shoot permits. They said it would be like not issuing permits to mainstream companies because one stuntman got injured.
And that analogy also works in a second way. Stuntmen do get hurt, but the movie industry requires stuntmen because the public wants to see action scenes.  So a stuntman takes the job knowing the risk.
Porn Performers do get STD’s, but the adult movie industry requires condom-free scenes because the public wants to see condom-free scenes. So a porn actor takes the job knowing the risk.
AIM does periodically test for Syphilis. And they offer Hepatitis tests. I know because I got one there. I believe they also offer vaccines for the two that you can get them for, but I could be wrong. And they have signs up all over the place warning about HPV. Perhaps they should at least test for the one Hepatitis that you can’t get vaccinated for. And perhaps all new porn performers should be required to get Hepatitis vaccines before performing. But of course, young girls in need of quick cash neither have the money nor can afford to wait for that to happen. And their agents aren’t going to front them the money.
He is right about one thing though. AIM does not test for Herpes because it probably would shut the industry down in a day. More than half the sexually active population supposedly carries it. What does that say about this industry? But no one dies or gets seriously ill from Herpes.
And you may add:
It’s easy to say that AIM gives new performers entering the biz a false security blanket.  But AIM’s public policy recommends condom usage. Considering how many scenes get shot daily in LA and Florida without condoms, and how infrequently anyone gets HIV on a set with all that activity, the system in place is working as good as it can be expected in this industry. Nothing will be perfect, including mandatory condoms, which will only drive LA producers either underground or out of state. It will have no effect on the huge amount of porn shot in Florida. Apparently though, AHF is going after Florida productions as well.
At some point, people have to take responsibility for their own health and their own decisions.  A cop knows he might get shot, a fireman knows he might get burned, and a porn star should know he/she might get an STD. That’s the gig. Some might say that young porn girls aren’t the brightest bulbs.  But hey, this is America, and like Bill Maher says, it’s a stupid country.  Is a porn girl who thinks she’s totally safe from any STD’s because her on screen partner has a 29 day old test saying he’s negative for just 3 out of the many STD’s any dumber than a guy who votes Republican against his own best financial interests and health because the Republican promises to pray to Jesus with him in church and to rid the country of gay marriage, abortion AND PORN?

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Holden Wood Writes:

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3 Responses

  1. The stuntmantakes the job knowing the risks.
    The orn performer takes the job knowing the risk,


    If the stuntman gets hurt, the employer, or inthe EIMPLOYERS insurance pays the cost.

    If the porn performer gets hurt,,,he/she gets kicked to the curb and it told its your problem.


    AT some pint PRODUCERS have to take responsibility for HIRINGp people to take risks,,,just like the producer in the mainstream movie does,,,,,,WHY DOES THE PORN PRODUCER HAVE NO RESPONSIBILITY?

    The pornr PRODUCER also CHOOSES to be in the industry,,,when the porn producer CHOOSES to hire peple to take risks he has to bear some responsibility. The buck stops with the producer.

  2. I should have asked,,,Why does the porn producer TAKE no responsibility?
    Could it be that more oftne than not, but NOT all the time,,,that producer is a scum bag,,,Imean what other word would you use for someone who hires these gay crossover guys to work with girls with no protection,,,actuall I think the phrase ‘Pieces of shit” is a better description for these guys,,,same for the agents who book these scenes.

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