hey check out Sherman’s thoughts on Night Moves 2002,

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SHERMANS TOP TEN…{Thoughts, requests, desires, deviate thoughts, etc…} on the Tampa Night Moves Show 2002

1:Some people have all the luck, how would you have liked to be the lucky airport security person who got to check Alexis Amore after she set off the metal detector on her way back from Tampa? Seems one of her piercings in her “vaginal area” set it off, and she apparently had to show them where the metal was located…
2: Is there a Bigger {or smarter} media whore then Mike South?
3: What a way to go, seems Evan Stone was in such a rush to surprise his wife Jessica Drake at the Tampa show that he forgot to pack extra clothes, when some clothes were dropped off for him, Jessica opened the door, {looking stunning I might add} wrapped only in a bed sheet, with Evan in the back ground looking like he was dead!!!
Seems Jessica and Dolorian fucked the shit out him, sources tell us he had a smile on his face………
4: Did you happen to notice how amazing Anna Malle looked,
seems her days of excessive partying are behind her, look
out everyone at East Coast Video….
5: Let me see if I have this straight: Devon pulled Serenity’s hair, Jacqueline Lick pulled Tera’s hair,Jewel de Nyle got into Tera’s face, and we were off and running right? This sounds like a great All Star Porn Boxing match,we can broadcast live from the Tera Show, do feeds from everyone’s individual sites, charge 19.95, advertise for a couple of months, hire Mike South to rile up everyone, Feed Luke Ford some shit under the guise on inside info,let Gene Ross pick the judges’ if you’d like, I’ll call Houston, she can sing the national anthem, Las Vegas Novelties can supply only the best Adult toys for the ladies to Kiss and Make up with,
Nick Andrews can be a valet for Tera, Joone can direct,Micheal Steffano can shoot it,Jewel De Nyle can supply the anal, Jacqueline Lick can train everyone, Serenity will be early and have everything in order, Devon will bend over and smile and nobody will be thinking about pulling anyone’s hair, trust me. Adella and Seth will make it the BIGGEST thing since sliced bread, so what’s the problem and who do I have to call to get VIP seats? Think of the possibilities: all the free advertising for Digital Movies and Las Vegas Novelties products, merchandising, sequels, rematches, and you thought Porno people were stupid…
6:With all this bickering and snapping going on, did anyone happen to notice that Ginger Lynn quietly had probably the longest line of admirers?
7:All we’re missing from Night Moves 2002’s main event was
an arrogant former publicist, where’s Joy King when you need her? She could have forbid her gals from cleaning and lubing my balls, {oops, sorry, that’s bowling ball} Sorry Joy, you were busy with that disastorus Wicked Party weren’t you? Was it a bigger disastor then the actual movie? Good Luck, even Hurcules himself can’t clean that mess up….
8: Kudo’s to Paul Allen and Family for putting together
an awesome show, ok, so maybe the Awards show looked an aweful like the AVN awards in terms of length, but it was fun……
9: Wht would you call someone who’s got not one, but 2 of the Hottest blond babes currently in the biz on each arm,and they wanna seriously get busy, and you wanna party? Stupid’s the first word that comes to mind……
10: Finally, what’s wrong with a Porno show when the local police have nothing but nice things to say about it? Nothing except wait til next year…….


5030cookie-checkhey check out Sherman’s thoughts on Night Moves 2002,

hey check out Sherman’s thoughts on Night Moves 2002,

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